What are you gonna miss most about this spunky gyaru?

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her clean criminal record

Dropped it on episode 1 because she's too beautiful. Made me feel unconfortable.
Fapped to her doujins though

Her body odor.

What would a sweaty Galko smell like

Her sister's love life with that Otaku bro. Wholesome shit.

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A sweaty girl obviously.

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>shits so much she judges restaurants by their toilet paper
what the hell

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Her fat fucking tiddies

Women also wipe their pussies with tp. If it's bad paper it must hurt.

that's a good point

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From what I can tell, apparently the magazine has only suspended the manga and hasn't cancelled it yet. We still have a chance to see more of her.

Where's the links

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Reminder that Galko is a hapa with a white dad and a natural blonde.

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Is this manga worth reading? Girls are hot

yea it's got unique art and is funny / hot

Never knew Nips browse Yea Forums.

She would've tried anal before giving away her virginity.

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Wonder what her parents think of daughter being a sex worker.

The chance of her getting more doujins.

is the author out of jail yet

I want to lick Galko's big feet

what a good girl, keeping her pussy for the man she loves, and learning to orgasm through assfucks!

He admitted to everything. 3 years suspended sentence. If he behaves for 3 years he doesn't do prison time. If he doesn't it's a 1,2 years in the slammer.

Hopefully, he takes the time to work on his Galko manga he actually had been neglecting since he spent all his time making Titsy Morgan merchandise

The fact that it was dropped literally means she's now in wholesome monomagous marriage with Bomuo.

Nikuko and Okako

She makes mad money so it's not all bad.

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The main issue is if Kadokawa will continue publishing the manga.

Based Sonic Meat enjoyer. I love her.

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She looks like she fucks little boys.

The fanart.

Her generously proportioned body fat

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would galko make for a good magical girl

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What's the word for camel toe in japanese?

It was very unique, i miss it

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Her fat tits and perfect personality

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what did he do

What'd he even do?

Imported old magazines with child nudity in them.
Very illegal to get caught with that in Japan.

what was he even thinking

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Rookie mistake
If they continue the series expect cancerous western pressure to be applied to the publisher

I feel a mighty mighty need.

People don't think much when dick is concerned.

he can't continue it
publisher owns the rights to galko.
it's dead

Her friend.

We don't have to miss her if we have these threads

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Her best friend.

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Super pregnant best friend.

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Her spunky attitude.

Galko lives on in my heart!

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I will miss how fat she is, seriously even her lips are plump.

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there are 0 scans for this


I really hope we'll get more anal doujins with Galko.

Remake series into hentai, call her Galho.