Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Poor Kazuya

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>Poor Kazuya
he's only poor because he stopped going to work and shut himself in.

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> Boys be ambitious
I like that reference

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I can't take this chapter seriously. This is too fucking hilarious.

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based fish, best character

See you next week

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The fish really speaks to all of us

I shit you not he turned himself into a carrot. Funniest shit I have ever seen he calls himself carrot Kazuya.

Carrot Chizuru has meme potential

you just know what she's gonna do


I'm out

Ask the carrot for money?

How does that work?

man i hate Kazuya

The doujins write themselves

what am I supposed to feel here?

>Mini is back
>It's part of a Kazuya suffering arc
Monkey's paw?

Carrot gives money
Carrot gets to tag along with chorizo for 60 minutes

Don't we all

Let's all admit that the fish is the true best character in all of Kanokari

But do carrots make good dildos?

Shame at Reiji's antics

beta carotene

Nice pun

why did my language get featured in this cuck manga

I guess Reiji just wanted to do something different.

Once the manga ends, what's gonna happen to Mini anyway? Will she get married to someone?

God I wanna fuck Mini so much

Yeah, me

How long will the hiatus for Sumi's manga last?

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Wait so a side character is just gonna swoop in and fix the situation for them? Is that how character development is done these days?

Reiji is dumb

Man there is so much meme potential in Kazuya's face

How long until Ruka shows up again?

Does she even feel bad over what's she done? I bet not.

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If she did feel bad about her actions, this manga would have been over long ago.

Does Chiz want Kaz's carrot? Or does Kaz want Chiz's chorizo?


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Blame Reiji for all this shit


Kazuya will now proceed to pleasure Chizuru

nothing, because she threw the carrot away just like Kazuya and opted for another dinner.

She should have just eaten the carrot