Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Chapter TL is out!

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well, at least fish-kun is happy


>doesn't forget to feed Fish-kun
Okay, Kazuya's not so bad after all.

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Fish is a happy, everything is right in the world

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>Fish-san fed well, tank looks clean
1 Point to Kazuya. He's not the worst romcom MC.

We got you the first time bastek

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Now he is a fucking carrot

she'll gonna eat kaz for sure

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that carrot is not for eating

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This should really end with him killing himself at this point. You cannot be THIS pathetic and get a good ending.

Dude, at least hit the gym and take a shower, you will just die in there.

Reiji ruined whatever was left of his heroine by making her this fucking weird coward or whatever her behaviour is supposed to be.

And done

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There's no kino spread?

thanks OP

I mean I'm glad that kazuya at least has some support and mini's going to talk some sense into chizuru, but I hate that it takes a third party to get their shit together

It's official.
We are back to LUDOKINO!

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Kino Mini as always
I've missed her
If only she was in that terrible Paradise arc


How THE FUCK is. This manga still running but red hood got axed...?

>Punished Kazuya

Different magazines schizo and nobody cared about Reddit Hood

Penis inside Chizuru for 100 thousand dollars

Funniest shit I've ever seen

that's nice looking dildo

Not even in your dreams bascuck




stay mad


What can I say?
Kinokari keeps delivering the kino even after almost 5 years.

See ya next week KOChads!

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They are both fucking Schizos


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>replying to himself

>says the Schizo

>Getting this mad because someone is making fun of a shit rom com

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Remember kids
The female character who is the true mary sue self insert DID NOTHING WRONG
and will
she is completely FAULTLESS

Chizuru is a perfect goddess

Chizuru does no wrong yes

She is hot and has big tits. So this is correct.

Kill yourself kusofag, I won.

Better not use that word simp
itll trigger Yea Forums because they're literal simps

Best character came back to fix the series

But why a carrot?

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>Has so many other girls who actually care for him
>Is obsessed with the one girl who dumps all over him at every opportunity
First girl will always be worst girl.

>both already have their secret revealed
>Officially dating and kissing
What is left to uncover?? There's no point to continue this series anymore

You're underestimating Reiji. He frankly ruined it by stretching it and he won't stop.

>Officially dating
Not really. Also I hate it when mangas stop after they become a couple. I want some time for the fluff and how they are when dating