Rate these seasonal waifu, Yea Forums

Rate these seasonal waifu, Yea Forums.

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>seasonal waifu

Shikimori SEX
Eiko SEX

all terrible

Who did Eiko replace? I swear she always got snubbed in these threads.

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OP here, forgot about her, but honestly no one would pick this bitch anyway.

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Find a better girlfriend.

You literally can't.

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>too old
>not watching
>not watching
>not watching
>not watching
>my wife chino

Who is the bottom left one?

How about Anya? Is she too toddler for sexualization?


Shit tier. All of em.

>seasonal waifu
You need to go back.

Yor is way better than everyone else and she is still too autistic for a waifu

You forgot another one.

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Piss, shit, vomit, excrement, garbage, used medical supplies.

Excellent post user. I will pick her.

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This girl right here, if you pick her, you'll get her sister too.

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Why yes, I very much would like to stick it in these crazies.

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Mio is better

Eiko>>>>the rest

Hondo Kaede = good
not Hondo Kaede = bad

You missed one.

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I did not watch any one of their anime.

And this one.

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Get Miyako out of there, plenty of better seasonal girls
>the ninjalolis
>any of the Kakkou trio
>any of the Healer Girls

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>>any of the Healer Girls
Most of them are like shotacon and bisexual

Delicious gaijin.

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nice - best
needs love - ??
who - no

Anyone that doesn't say Desumi is confirmed to have not watched the show.

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Where's my wife Raphtalia?

>no skindentation

I like Desumi the best of those girls

from left to right top to bottom

Seriously, who is bottom left?

facesitting session with Eiko and Desumi

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Desumi of course

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I'm seriously head over heels for Desumi

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>"Ha ha, yeah right, like YOU'D ever be with a man, Reaper Princess!"
>hangs up
What a fucking Chad.

the only one in the running is desumi, everyone else is merely forgettable tier at best

3.skull mask girl idk I read one page of the manga but she looks top tier
6.Budget Komi

>seasonal waifu
I'm still loyal to my one and only

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>6.Budget Komi

>no Kunoichis
>no Anya
Fuck off, normie.

>read it as "no knuckles"
I need help

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>seasonal waifu
I'm still faithful to my beloved, unlike you haremfags

People really choose Aharen for a waifu?

You disgust me

she's a gold digger

She looks goofy as fuck

Sex Yor
Sex Shikimori
Cuddle Eiko
Don't care about those two bitches
Hug Aharen


Waifu =! girl but anyways Eiko is sex and you need an image with all the kunoichis.

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You forgot this one

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she's an incel, she almost fell in love with a fake doll knowing it has no money or anything

Kill yourself nigger.

>it's a rap episode
Please don't become a trend.