Kokkoro cares about her Lord's health and wants you to start exercising with her

Kokkoro cares about her Lord's health and wants you to start exercising with her.

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first exercise is find best girl

Wouldn't mind some rigorous nighttime activities with her.

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Child sex

She's 11 you perverts

Yeah, keep telling me how young she is. I'm almost there.

don't lewd my daughter

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gacha pigs should be culled

Don't be so hard on yourself user.

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HARD rape.

>hard on
That's only to be expected.

That's too old for me.

Yeah, 11/10.

Your daughter is my wife!

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11 is prime and 14 prime is peak, thx user for the reminder

11 seconds away from fucking

>She's 11

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14 is a composite number.

11 is prime.
14 is almost hag tier.


Who is this? I want to read her manga. She is impossibly attractive.

Alright, we'll start with 5 nakadashis a day.

she's from a gacha she has an anime but she barely does anything she just moeblobs

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Why does Yea Forums pretend to find 11-year-old kids attractive?

She calls me Papa too, Otou-san

y-yeah haha

I want to stick my fat purple adult cock in Kokkoro's tiny, hairless, 11yo cunny

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You should get that checked out.

Of course, I was only pretending.
I only like big-breasted adult women. I just pretend to fap to little girls as a joke.

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You gay?

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Kokkoro NTR is the best.

Beak mouth Kokkoro. Join Fun Island.

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What do you mean?

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I love lolis and ara-ara milfs alike
Flat chests are great, huge chests are great, the middle ground is weakness

I'm like this, except I also love young teens. Some days I want fat mommy milkers, others I want a small, cute little girl bouncing on my lap.

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You might like both, but you still have to admit that kids are on average better than adults.
There are way more attractive little girls than there are attractive adult women.

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Yeah because little kids are allowed to be flat. A flat adult woman is a travesty however

You take that back.
Flat adult women with wide hips are a miracle of the universe.

No, I'll do nothing but lay on my back while she hops in my dick.
It is not my problem if moving my fat belly out of the way is extra work for her.

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11歳 gf

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>There are way more attractive little girls than there are attractive adult women
That's because children are almost always cute.

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watched the anime for her, stayed for her and retard mc

Yeah, I prefer loli.

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I prefer adults like this.

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I refuse.


Kokkoro is probably the character I have fapped the most to in the last 2 years


Princess Connect, its a very silly anime.

Ironic lolicon.

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Long haired Kokkoro always looked off.

>lrd still exists


rejected kokks

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