It is really the most overrated anime/manga of all time? I know it's mediocre...

It is really the most overrated anime/manga of all time? I know it's mediocre, but I've never seen anyone say it's a masterpiece.

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No, that would be JJK or 86.

Nah Spy x Family fits more of your description OP

It's not even mediocre. It's literally shit.

It's the king of romcoms

Recently watched it and 86 is so fucking bad, holy shit. Literal baby's first show where people die

All anime and manga are over rated beyond belief except for Berserk.

Kimetsu no yaiba BTFO everyone in term of biggest overrated shit of all time

At least KnY has decent characters and amazing fight scenes

Have you not gotten tired of making this thread yet?

Latest episode was fucking awful. Cringy rapshit took way too long

I only watched one episode of this so far and it was... tiring. A bunch of disconected scenes of characters overthinking everything in everyone of them. 90% of the content was just the characters overthinking stuff of one particular irrelevant situation.
Does this change later in any way?


No that's Cowboy Bebop or Code geass

okay pseudo

>Reddit: The Anime
Ofcourse its overrated dogshit.

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

>KnY has decent characters

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>shit on KnShit
>post an overly generic newfaggotry's shit show too
All the same folk.


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Most overrated would be Steins Gate.

Look at you, posted another one. It's reddit all over!

It's literally a masterpiece. Let me guess, you're a shounenshitter who can't appreciate art.

No that would be Attack on Titan. Kaguya is too irrelevant to be overrated

Watch something else. This clearly isn’t your type of show more than anything.

Depends on your definition of masterpiece but it's definitely one of the most "fun" shows I've seen. The exaggerated animation, the nonsensical situations and the way they're portrayed, the chemistry between the characters, it's all just so fucking funny I can't stop smiling while watching it. I realize it might not be everyone's cup of tea but as far as romcoms go (and I mean actually romantic COMEDIES) not SoL garbage it's one of the best ones out there.

Let me guess you like Dragon Ball and/or One Piece?

Too bad the manga majorly drops the comedic part later on.

Yea wanted to mention this but I forgot about it. Ever since it decided to became more rom than com it lost its charm for me. Well I still read it because sunk cost and I love the characters but it's just not the same anymore

>It is really the most overrated anime/manga of all time?
Jesus no, that place is already taken by shonen#X it was a fine manga until that shit arc about international assassins, it's a decent romcom (probably one of the funniest I've ever read) but it still has all the flaws of the genre. The anime is overhyped because normalfags animeonly praise it ad nauseam

I mean even if it just became a normal romcom with toned down humor it'd be okay, it's the drama shit that really brings it all down.

No, it's genuinely funny. Most overrated anime of all time would probably go to FMA Brotherhood.

Disclaimer: Haven't read JJK or more than 80 chapters of One Piece.

Oh shit, yeah, I forgot, it's definitely Steins Gate. It's not that it doesn't live up to the hype, but that it's completely and utter shit.

Maybe in 2011? I barely ever see it brought up much anymore.

The "amazing" fight scenes are the studio carrying hard the meh source material. If you think about it there are no memorable fights that stand on their own in KnY.

Code Geass is a masterpiece of the universe

korean scans?

Wrong thread user

mine brethren speak the truth, worst harem ever

JJK was inbetween being mid and being overrated
86 however seems overhyped for a somewhat AOT knockoff

And where is it?

They’re both derivative bland series that get overrated because they have deaths and certain themes that older series have done better. 86 is cool though because I like Lena.

I dreamt of Shirogane becoming a monster... It was awkward!

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you guys have memory of a gold fish, already forgotten how much fun Jag threads were
only later did reddit picked it up and then it slowly went bad, but it is not like it is first manga to drop in quality...

korean scans never

The anime has to stop RIGHT after the kiss and never look back.

Thanks. Hopefully speedTL user will dump in a new thread.

What was the point of the schizocopter?

something cheesy and over the top, i suppose?

Thanks, user. Looks like Kaguya stopped being retarded and properly disposed of the will.

You mean Demon Slayer and CSM. Atleast JJK has interesting power system.


did you saw MAL manga ranking?
86 is just a poor man code geass akito of exiled story

yea, the anime is a mastepiece but only because of its us military budget animation,the storyline is kinda shit desu.

Yeah the concept is interesting but characters arent that great and the story moves too fast.

I'm glad you don't browse enough shitty rom com threads to see how obnoxious guyafags are.

>the most overrated anime/manga of all time

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I've never seen anyone say it's the most overrated anime/manga of "all time." It's definitely overrated but, it's not the most overrated thing of all time. No one is saying that except shitposters you took seriously. It's not nearly big enough to warrant that title.

no,but it's the cringiest. That rap battle animation gave me cancer

>Ishitsubafag hands wrote this post

If we go by the actual definition of overrated then the answer of the most overrated anime/manga of all time is Dragon Ball.

>here's your interesting power system bro

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