What did Kubo mean by this?

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It means he had no idea what he wanted to do with the character and had no talent to elaborate in real-time so he just kept him as a walking plot device.

It means that he's based and realizes not every villain needs flashbacks to be enjoyable.

It means that he didn't elaborate on Aizen's origin and past because these kinds of villain flashbacks usually encourage empathy and sympathy from the reader and he doesn't like that approach.

No I don't think that's what he meant

The funny thing though, is that I was rooting for Aizen vs the soul society.
I think he is in the right, same as Yawach, we are never shown proof from the "good guys" that things are better this way than the alternatives Aizen and Yawach represent.

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I'd love to see his thoughts on Kimetsu

I dunno but I like it, based Kubo.

It means he didn't know how to add that so he's bullshiting here, pretending it was intentional.
Don't forget Bleach has 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 characters so he fucked up but it was too late and Aizen was too cool already to change anything at that time.

>Bleach has 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 characters
This is the reason why everyone has the same face too, obviously


Although I don't agree with Aizen per se, inside Bleach's narrative the worlds being separate is not inherent to itself. The Shinigsmi simply maintain the status quo.
Reading the manga, I didn't root for Aizen but I was rooting for Yhwach. Though, now I concur that Aizen would be a better King or whatever he wanted to be.

He always was a huge hack, but an entertaining one.

>remembers all those brainlets in Bleach discussions that automatically assumed "flashback = FEEL SORRY FOR ME"
Good times

He couldn't think of one that would make sense with all the shit he tacked on. "Too Big" means that he has too many character traits that would need explanation.

This is one thing he got right. If you give your audience any leeway on who they think the villain should be then they'll get mad at the ending if Aizen doesn't win or get exonerated because they were rooting for him.

Aizen was unironically right, his mistake was being such a raging asshole about it

what i like about the storytelling in bleach is that it only becomes much more apparent how much of a shithole soul society (especially in the upper echelons) is towards the end of the story. there are corrupt characters everywhere from the start, but it appears to be only a select few at the beginning but then you realize that everyone sucks

Cope retard

Seethe retard

Dilate retard

Aizen, Mayuri and Kenpachi are the best captains and characters.

That's not what he said. Can't you fucking read?

He also said Giselle is a man and we will get a hell arc with ichika being there’s for kazui the creepy child who is connected to hell itself

Can someone explain why this fight was so hyped up? This just feels like a forced retarded way to kill off a strong character. Why can't their be two kenpachis and why does someone have to die for training? I'm guessing the rest of this war arc will have me scratching my head.

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It means that Kubo realized that making Aizen enigmatic made him even more interesting of a character. He was right.

>Why can't their be two kenpachis
Unironically you just dont get it

>Why can't their be two kenpachis
did you actually read the manga


Don't get what

what was the plan here?

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Getting fucked by her half uncle most likely.

Time to leave Kubo, you are not fooling anyone

come to think of it i can't remember a single non sympathetic villain backstory

Dilate and seethe Kishi

You mean in general?

yeah in general

Hell Verse guy.

She had to die to prove a point.
According to herself he nerfed himself to avoid killing her, so getting herself killed when both went all put was the absolute best way to make sure he was buffed back to his prime.
And there can't be two Kenpachi because that's the point of the fucking title.

Was he though? By Soul Society standards I don't see how he was any worse than the rest of them. Mayuri was undoubtedly more evil and he was considered a respectable member of the 13 squads. And Aizen even helped them out against Yhwach. He also inadvertently spared the captains and Harribel even though he had enough power to cut all of them to ribbons. He also spared Isshin, Yoruichi, and Urahara after powering up. And he told the human not to get too close. I'm pretty sure none of the other captains are that nice to their enemies or random passersby unless it's in their job description. Like Renji was straight up happy to kill Rukia when they reunited after decades or whatever.

If it's in battle shonen, Muzan comes to mind just because it's the last thing I read, but it really depends on what you consider sympathetic because for example there are villains that have dumb reasons to do what they do or are so overdramatic that you don't feel anything at all when the narrative is clearly trying to get you to put yourself in their shoes, and there are villains that have some backstory that everyone thinks is relatable just as a concept
Also you have to define what you mean by villain because monster of the weak villains don't have sympathetic stories most of the time (if the even have one). And you can't forget the "He's evil because... he just is ok?!" type of villains

I much preferred not hearing Aizen's sobstory about being a lonely weapon of mass destruction. It's the same with All for One; don't try and make me give a shit about why the villain is evil, they don't need to be redeemed.

Kazui is going to pull a Yhwach except this time Ichibe's world order will successfully be overthrown.

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what did she do to warrant becoming a captain, was it favoritism?

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she is fucking hot, for one

They made fucking Isane a captain, my friend.
If you haven't noticed, Gotei is in a dire need of even half-strong people to fill captain slots. They had to either disband half of the squads, or give positions of power to some jobbers.

Did Kubo? Unohana and Kenpachi were both alive for 2000 years (with ten more Kenpachis in-between them) until Unohana decided there could be only one.

>we are never shown proof from the "good guys" that things are better this way than the alternatives Aizen and Yawach represent.
We don't really need to be. There's no proof that his way is any better, so stirring up hostilities for the sake of change without fully understanding the ramifications of that change and if it would even improve anything at all is not correct either. You shouldn't seek change just for change's sake. If not properly thought out it can lead to disaster and an even worse status quo.

This is what is current confusing me. Why randomly throw in this fight when for thousands of years they both existed with other kenpachis in between. It doesn't make sense

Because two strong people wasn't worth as much as one really strong guy. Unohana got herself killed to light a fire under Kenpachi's ass and get him on the path to realizing his full potential. With how strong the quincies were it wouldn't matter if they had two strong people because a lot of the stronger quincies were absolute stopgaps that couldn't be beaten by numbers. The war became a battle of quality over quantity.
For example, If Kenpachi hadn't awakened then no one would have been able to beat Gremmy.

Shunsui nepotism

i can see two big reasons

>If Kenpachi hadn't awakened then no one would have been able to beat Gremmy.
Considering Gremmy was borderline retarded, I can see Mayuri beating him with much less trouble than he did Pernida.

Don't see it that way. This is closer to Kodaka's opinion on villains (indeed, this is not necessarily a defense). He thinks they are larger than life characters who should not be humanized, as that cheapens their value. it's a similar logic to the approach of a good monster movie. You don't want the monster to be a known quantity until the very end for it to remain frightening.

Of course, this turned out poorly for Aizen and made him rather shallow.

Says fucking who? Patched Kenpachi nearly killed Gremmy and would have won if he didn't talk Gremmy out of sabotaging himself. Other captains wouldn't bother. Unohana would have gutted the kid.

>Stubborn old man who'll follow the status quo regardless of the circumstances
>Hot mommy healer
>Lazy drunk groomer
>Sickly man
>Angry dyke assassin
>Honorful Werewolf
>Psychopathic Mad Scientist
>Extreme Fightfag
>Guy who'd kill his own sister because "Muh rules"

Cool characters but you could tell it wasn't a very functional society

>>Guy who'd kill his own sister because "Muh rules"
Unironically the most functional one. Literally gave the middle finger to nepotism and government exploitation.

Yeah, because Espada that Aizen gathered were much better people. I'm sure he'd fare great as the leader of Soul Society.

While I understand what Kubo wanted and it kinda works, but it also leaves the readers disconnected from Aizen because the stuff he does has no background motive to show why he is so driven for his plans and the bad things he does, and just makes Aizen looks like a raging douche, which explains why he never really ranks high on polls. He just comes off as a smug jerk.

That's good and all but he better give Aizen more screentime in the TYBW anime and the hell arc.

I always considered that Aizen had waifu troubles like Gin and Tousen. Birds of a feather flock together and all that jazz.

Probably a fucktoy for Shunsui when Nanao isn't around.