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Hehe luigi


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These Rin threads are getting a bit too weird for me.

*unzips pencil dick*


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I didnt know cum weighed less than air.

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can't fool me, Dobson

>Oompa loompa doompity doo...

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lol what happened to her

You are now aware that people fap to this.

watch out, Sibhurin's about to blow!

I don't think this would happen, I think it might just kill her.


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Weird, esoteric even.

Inflation might be only fetish i truly don't understand


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Trust me I have it and I barely understand it either

I... I'll just leave.

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why would pumping helium into her intestines do anything but cause those to tear and her to die of an infection (painfully)?

its a fetish user, inflationfags don't care about realism


Is the tube inserted into her ass or pussy? This is important, I need to know before I can fap to this.

>reading from left to right on the anime board
obviously she's storing her farts in the canister

It's tagged ホース浣腸 on Pixiv.


> episode directed by hideaki anno

Oh my goodness!

fuck off you fat bitch, I dont help land whales

Off-topic OP, no anime discussion ITT, and yet mods haven't deleted it. The absolute state. Shounen spics are more on-topic than this.

Why are her boobs sticking out like that? It makes it seem like it's just some fetish thing.

This is obviously a reference to THAT Evangelion episode

Excuse me, what the FUCK

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Inflation is just fucking funny to me. Imagine a girl getting forcibly filled with cum as hardcore or dark music plays until she's completely spherical and she whooshes off and all over the place like Tom and Jerry, same sound effect included.

What would an inflated Rin Shibuya say if you squeezed her tummy?

You should of inflated Shiburin with your cum instead.

Remember when this was a place to have fun and not a place to spam 24 hour shonen generals? I fucking bet you don't.


I'm about to burst

*sigh* what did I say yesterday? I'd love to help you, if you worth saving. You got yourself into this predicament by inserting helium into your rectum and turning the lever on the canister. You're on your own this time.

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why does this thread always make me so fucking sad
I'm 34 yet somehow this thread breaks my heart every time I see it
Rin is pitiful and needs to be saved

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She's gone airborne, now she's a global threat and will beat you up no matter where you are.

Well honestly the fact that it's air turns me off anyways. But the fact that it's in her ass is a double turn off.


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You're a sensitive soul with a thing for JK's.

Brosnan is a cultured architect, not a cringe inflationfag

Passionate sex in the missionary position with Miko while Shiburin floats helplessly in the ceiling

Threesome (paid) with Rin, Rikka and Miko.

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Wouldnt that be a foursome?

Rin is floating in the ceiling

And I'm one of them

Prove it.

They're having sex with each other. I'm just recording it for later.

Silryan, FMSU, Subitaru

You've got it really bad, huh?

I'm not involved, I'm just paying these three to get it on for my own amusement.