Mr. Nagataki will be updated tonight.

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The hype train has no brakes user

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What’s the ETA for the STALKER thread

How embarassi-
>Gamo hive mind
Enough, cease this madness go no further.
There is no hive mind that's ludicrous.

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About 5 and a half hours from now.

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Wow! I'm really excited for the last 3 pages where there are actual plot progression.

Its gonna be pretty great.

>Yoshi has achieved CHIM
Were they trying to warn us?

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Nagatoro + Yoshi = Nagayoshi
Nagatoro + Maki Gamou = Nagataki

Every creepy energy creates an echo!
It’s over, Senpai - I’ve come to tease you!

I cant wait to see the fusion for two minutes before 1H-KOing the badguy (Shikki)

Why would anyone lie in the internet

Look at how fucking smug this cat is

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Completely ridiculous.

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Yoshi ain't that Royal.

What in the fuck happened that last thread.
The fucking sage pondering shit romcoms.
It's just gonna make more of them line up for attention and derail, do ignore them.
Even if it was funny
One even fucking showed up while I was reading the fucking thing

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I swear if you retards fall for this bait a second time

Shikimori is our bro. Watch your tone.
Good on them for succeeding!

I went to sleep and it was at like 300 replies, just woke up to that clown fiesta kek

They fucking bullied a guy into existential dread, I was expecting some Jiren tier "get down dog" type shit but nope, they just left him there to rot.

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Seems in line with our series' main schtick. I hope he livestream his an hero moment.

You're trying too hard.

Will paisens friends make it out of this chapter with their chocobananas intact?

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No, I'm genuinely a terrible person.

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Depends, but I will say this: Last chapter's archival of the first thread was so amazing. It's like the perfect cliffhanger.

I KNOW, I actually re-read both threads yesterday just for fun. what a cliffhangar that was.


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You really are trying too hard.

Do not forget your MANDATORY exercise before the thread user.

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can't stomach this manga, mc is too pathetic, too cuck to look at

based precious poster.

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cool take, have a nice day

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Lobster Risotto

>Lobster Risotto is not the equivalent of JIREN
It truly is a blessed Monday, we even got the get.

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>S.T.A.L.K.E.R actually doesn't know japanese
hearty kek

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It will look like nothing happened until the next chapter, when it's revealed they were busy all being friends together off-screen.

WAIT A MINUTE, the 3way story she told during the pillow talk... WAS FORESHADOWING??

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>Discord Reddit will be raiding tonight
Why, Wonderful! Am I right fellow 4channel users?

It's already happening in the other thread.

Oh look it's the Discord schizo, not seen you in a while.

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the real question is, where is this eyeless cunt?

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Then let's be on our worst behavior to welcome them.

Texting NagaToRo to meet up late at night.

>Nanashi and Norio

hope everyone will have a cozy nagamonday

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They're a married couple.

I'm actually gonna get a rice dish that shall not be named on my way back from a nice swim.
I'll skip the wine though, It's raining I want some fire in me.

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What about the multiverse, like the chikara trilogy, the terminatorpai and the wife beater Naoto?
Or dont go so far, realities where Senpai fell in love with other girls like Gamo or Shikki.


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Never forget

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I mean, even ignoring the shittiness of Komi san how could you even like komi san anymore knowing what they perverted it into?

>It ends on a wholesome note after a bowl of Lobster Risotto
What is this black magic of Nagatoro threads??

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I love her

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Nobody tell him.

I genuinely like our cozy NagaMondays, I think everyone should enjoy them, and if that means advising a lost sheep while enjoying a nice seafood dish then I'm happy to oblige

she sucked over a 1000 dicks, bro...

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Norio who? Also I thought he don't have a house, where is his wife then?

Reminder tomorrow is Senpai's birthday.

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Imma tell him

Previous thread had a marinposter try to start a console war, a nagafag calmly explained why he preferred Nagatoro over the course of multiple paragraphs while preparing a lobster risotto, and this was enough to drive a different marinfag who followed the first one into an existential crisis that lasted the entire thread, which jannies seemed to keep up for an extra 300 posts to enjoy their breakdown as much as the rest of us were

And apparently the risotto was really good, so it all worked out well in the end

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Norio Sakurai

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newest forced meme