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Enjoy Russian food

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>Sonia is back
Yes!!!! Can't wait to see her again.

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This pic except with my penis.

I want to see Sonia eats pussy.

I want to see Sonia dance ballet

she's shit and ruins every episode she's in

I love Shinobu.

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I love her and her bowl cut.

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Finally, someone with good taste.

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Can't wait for her to become a more relevant character and reveal that she's actually important in the healing scene, or something.

Beef stroganoff?

weekly reminder

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Côtelette de volaille.

Sonia's girlfriend is cute too.

Sonia getting deployed to a special operation!

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How many hours left?

Around 3.

Professional Healer Fuuji Kana!

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After using musicals to heal every disease I hope they go back to the basics and make a chiropractic girls anime

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Reimi-chan a best.

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you mean professional con artist

>t. shota

>that pout
It's so fucking cute, I hope she pouts more often and also puts her hair down more often

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Uh oh…

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I'm more confused with this one pixiv.net/en/artworks/98055607

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SEEEEEEEEX boobs should be more sagged though

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yurisisters... not like this...

this isn't reimi-approved

That “artist” is in my filters for good reason.

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Why is this lesbian so sexy?

too smart for these moeblobs

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This is what too much healing does to you

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It's not the same anymore, sorry.

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Why does she change her hairstyle so much?

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Why did you make Sonia's forehead smaller?

Today in Healer Girl we’re making Beef Stroganoff.
You know it from anime and manga, it’s beef stroganoff.

Russian Cuisine

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WEW (NSFW /ss/ beware)

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>doing straight fan arts for a yuri show
Why do people do this?


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This is not a yuri show though

They never released this song

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Why are lesbians so violent?

Imagine being a shota and having your smol pp sucked by one of the lesbian healer oneesan as part of the treatment, knowingly that they don't like men and are only making you cum out of a sense of duty and moral obligations. they're essentially temple whores with actual magic

Same kid from episode 1. lel

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>>doing straight fan arts for a yuri show
>Why do people do this?
Because some people seriously belive lesbians can't exist in even fictional universe and must prefer men for all cost cause that hurts their male pride that even imaginery women might be not into them at all.
Nothing new, there's more staright male fans than yurifags and that won't change anytime soon.


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Yeah people who do that should take their meds.

I, too, want to karate chop that big forehead.


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I love her angry face.

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I also love her smiling face.

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None of these girls are lesbians.

All of these girls are lesbian.

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>imaginary women might be not into them at all.
You're being too kind. They will NEVER be into them.

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No one cares about "lesbians"
Love Live is a yuri show but there's a metric ton of porn of the girls getting dicked

Sonia is canonically pretty. Confirmed.

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Shinobu is so cute.

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Those girls are all gay confirmed.

Wife material.

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Me on the right.

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My wife's girlfriend is so cute.