When was Prillya at its peak?

When was Prillya at its peak?

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When Bazett was roaming around beating the shit out of lolis.

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Late 2wei.

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2wei, with all the side chapters, peak comedy and ero.
3rei was a mistake.

I started watching this but dropped it after three episodes without Kuro showing up.

When they were doing gay shit

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3rei when the feeling of being dragged the fuck out and eventual hiatus hadn't set in yet

When Gil-kun got angry.

Could a show like this be made today?

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To be quite honest the part of the manga I enjoyed most was the arc that Licht adapted. It's a shame that Licht itself is not a very well produced movie and cut so much content.

And its worst has been directly afterwards, Chapter 60 was an absurdly huge downturn beyond belief. I have no idea what the hell Hiroyama is smoking.

I'm going to admit that I like the first season/manga series more than 2wei as well. It's a good mix of lighthearted and serious without going too far one way or the other and a nice, short story about Illya and Miyu's friendship.


While I do like the trio being able to show their differences in a large fight, it's more than a little soured for me by how little I care about the Ainsworths.

Season 1 & 2 (and the OVAs) back when it had fanservice and comedy instead of being boring "serious" drama.

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I don't know if anyone's noticed this, but Kuro is literally just a brown version of Ilya.

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You sure like Illya's booty, user.

All loli booties are good

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When you put it like that I have to agree user. I see you are a man of culture

can't blame him

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If the relevant parties are willing to fund it, Gyuunyuu Nomio and other loli artists have mentioned that's it's harder to near impossible for loli ecchi series to get anime adaptations now thanks to the pursuit of foreign money. Prillya still gets animated because it's Fate stuff. The best we can hope for these days is what RPG fudousan gives us with Fa. Hope yo be proven wrong someday soon.

That was exactly why I liked that arc of the manga. It finally gave a reason to care about the Ainsworths as characters and built on their backstories and personalities to where I cared about them quite a bit.

Only for all of that to be tossed out the window immediately afterwards. What a weird way to take the story.

I don't blame anyone (such as you, probably) who were exhausted by the time the story finally reached that point however. There was a bit too much teasing and too little real information for a long period of time, though it all fit together well in the end.

I would donate to a kickstarter to remake this OVA with the 3rei/manga designs, just omit the censor steam, add nipples and kuro does more than a peck on the lips with Miyu then theresome.

Second half of 2wei for the cute and funny
Early 3rei for the actual plot

>Prillya has finally been displaced as Yea Forumsā€˜s premier cunny anime

by who?


Sadly, a seat can be empty.

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3wei is such garbage I dropped it years ago. Why take everything that made your manga great and then just strip it all away and replace it with generic Fateshit? There's already enough of that as is.

when they were having sloppy loli sex with each other before trying to have drama

Would they accept Shirou if he was gay?

maybe but there is no way shirou is gay

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They would accept his gay p0n0s in their homo vag00

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3rei will always will be a mistake. Only good thing about it were the installs.

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When Gil joined the party, it should have ended when he got his card back and beat up everyone like in the Fate route

This. Fragarach vs. Belleraphon was peak fanservice. The only way it'll be topped is if Illya fucks Shirou in front of a sobbing Rin and Sakura at the end.

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This looks better than those no choreo all explosions fights in UBW

The Kuro arc without a doubt. It had the perfect mix of comedy, drama and cuteness with a great resolution.

Not him, but I have been fatigued by 3rei for a good while now (since the Shirou arc, really) and recently decided to reread the manga from the start. Reading through 3rei again made me appreciate it a lot more and, as you say, the chapters where we get more backstory on the Ainsworths did make me appreciate them a lot more. I also came to appriciate 3rei more as a whole when single fights didn't take literal months of real time. If Hiroyama weren't dragging this out as insanely as he is, I think people would appreciate 3rei a lot more. It's crazy to think how many years 3rei has been going now that even Hiroyama put in a meta-joke in pic related.

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never heard of her

Yamamoto is the new king. Granted, the kingdom is decadent and crumbling and might never again be the shining beacon it once was, but he's still king.

It's decent, but I'm not enjoying it nearly as much as I've enjoyed Prillya.

I know we are not allowed to like the Shirou namek but this is where the entirety of the nasuverse peaked, not just prillya.

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The fact that she only gives Miyu a tiny peck on the lips is insanely hot to me. It has a nice contrast with the previous scene and just like Miyu it leaves you wanting for more. It is brilliant.

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Naah I loved that Shirou too and thought OUS was great.
>disregard the world, acquire imouto

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The movie was cool but nowhere near as kino as the manga.

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Sex Miyu

during the collab with fgo

That Miyu is trembling adds a lot. They sure knew what they were doing with this OVA.

It is a shame sakugafags only care about shounenshit and animators/directors/etc working on ecchi anime don't get any praise. That onsen scene is a masterpiece.

action, blood, violence, and plot progression are better.
eechi is fine, but /u/ is pure garbage only liked by subhumans who have no say in anything.

The fight scenes and choreography in Prillya are surprisingly well done.

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Flashy action scenes can be appreciated in a vacuum. Good ecchi needs subtlety and context, so the praise is spread around more generally.

I picked up this series in the first place because of the Illya vs Saber fight. They really put a lot of care into it.

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Unironically at their fights.
Prisma-EMIYA theme for the Install fight was fucking rad