Musclegirl Monday

will japs double down on the inclusion of musclegirls in manga, anime and LNs, or is it just a passing fad?

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so, what is the most erotic muscle group that girl should work on?

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>day of the week generals
reddit cancer

Muscle girl belly and lats erotic!!!

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yummy thighs

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would you rase the bunny bastard?

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for me its abs, thighs and ass, there's something about them that speaks to me "I am healthy and fertile" *__*
erotic...must lick

Toned back is very erotic.

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She is the best

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noi is cute

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i'm split on pokkuti

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god i wish that were me

Shoulders and arms

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Strongest mortal female

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goku or vegeta should have fucked her

maki is very cute

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cute feet

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Unfortunately Yea Forums has been writhe with generals for a while and it's bringing down the board

Yea Forums has always been shit

Omae wa fluffzen

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see /wsg/ tomboy thread

Hopefully it's just a passing fad, there's already enough homoeroticism in current manga

let me guess, you're a faggot that likes tsundere and thinks asuka was good character

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give me military anime with musclegirls

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she's a big girl

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for you

How muscular is too muscular?

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When she starts looking like Arnold in his prime you've gone too far for me.

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Hypermuscle is too much

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Too bad series was shit from the get go

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Yes and no!


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Tsunderes are in 99% shit

This. My God, men were allowed to look and be manly and girls were allowed to look and be girly. Now the men are always lanky and easily 50+% of shit now tries to force them in female clothing for a """joke""" that's been long overdone and unfunny, and the girls are constantly more assertive and actually look like dudes with this swollen, hyper defined look to their muscles.
Musclefaggotry was and still is a fucking mistake, and a blight on the female form.

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Muscle girls are hot but the way you guys talk about them here makes me think you are overweight and out of shape. Which makes no sense

I am a fit twink and I want to get buff and have a big gf

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when most muscle artists go into futa, or straight up giant dick boys... they turn to the faggot side so quickly

What about bearmode ladies?

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All hail the new queen

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