Name a shonen protag that could beat Bradley 1v1

Name a shonen protag that could beat Bradley 1v1.

>hurr Goku
yeah, fine. Another one, obviously.

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I honestly don't know his powers besides rasengan and turning yellow

Monkey D. Luffy

More interesting question coming through: Would Bradley be able to take out all of the other homonculi on his own at the same time

Not including Gear 5? I don't know.

Definitely not Pride.

He bodies Bradley no diff.


All at the same time? No way. He could easily do away with Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Greed. Unsure about Sloth but he can probably keep track of his bullshit speed. GreedLing put up a good fight but still ultimately lost. Getting Pride into the mix complicates things.



Not Goku for sure


Vegeta could though

I'm sure Vegeta would find a way to job.

Hurr Saitama

Wouldn't it be more direct to post characters he could beat? I reckon he could take on Vampire Hunter D

>Name a shonen protag that could 1v1 this random character that's less powerful than 90% of all generic power fantasy shounen protags
what's the point of this thread.

Most of the battle shonen ones? FMA was pretty rare in that it kept the MCs power levels low, but most series have the MCs accomplishing superhuman feats pretty regularly. In fact, the only battle shonen MC who might not be able to beat him that I can think of is maybe Kenshin. And even then I think Kenshin would at least give him a run for his money.

The One Punch Man.

Medaka Kurokami. They also become friends.

This is spite. Medaka is stronger than every shounen protag that isn't Giorno, and even he wouldn't necessarily be able to handle her.

I'd fucking kick his ass

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Baki, Ohma, Kenshiro or any low tier shonen protag

Consider this an outdated casual feats from Naruto like 15 years ago when he just barely mastered sage mode which is far far weaker than his endgame stuff.

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That rhino was almost Bunta (boss toad) size (15-17m)

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Armin Arlert
Simon the Digger

In terms of powerlevel and feat/achievement wankery in fights, FMA is on the far lower end of the scale. Pretty much anyone in crazier battle shounen series can body mister: "my only weaknesses are the corpse of an old man and the glare of the sun" rather easily.

rurouni kenshin

Gintoki bodies him.

Ohma? Really bro?

More like Gaycuck

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Doesn't even need to move.

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Name a battle shounen protaganist who (with all powerups) still can't defeat Bradley.

You underestimate the power of a gary stu writer's pet

He can make thousands of clones and shoot nukes, that's basically it.

Even East Blue Luffy would body Bradley

Kenichi mightiest disciple

Shigure would fuck him up, though.

Omni Man

Easy /thread

No power ups too

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Conan. He'll expose his bullshit easily

He's just an old man with limited pre-cog. Lots of generic battle shonen characters can beat him.

Bradley would just show him a picture of Spawn and he would cry and beg for mercy at the sight of Superior Image franchise

I will handle this.

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Gash Bell

Nah, they would look at each other, nod and join forces to kill everyone else


Taiyo from Yozakura. He can get a stalemate at most.

True but in a fisticuffs i got omni man

That's hard. Almost every shounen mc can destroy a city or the whole planet

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I should watch the Bleach movies

Sig would rape Bradley literally

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How does Bradley fair if he aims to become king in the last manga you read?

NTA, but Bradley was definitely one of his top 5 opponents he's beaten so far

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The obvious answer is Edward Elric