[Sad News] Hunter x Hunter has passed 1260 days on hiatus, with no sign of ever returning

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Just let it go.

Could never take this anime seriously with that 5 year old looking protagonist

>5 year old looking protagonist
But these kind of anime are the best ones.

At least your mangaka is still alive.

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Don't fucking jinx it.

Something other back pain/health must have changed Togashi's mind set towards manga; never stopped him this long before.

Doubt it is monetary, so it has to be family, right?

im jinxing it right now.


More like the convoluted situation he had developed in the story.

i miss gon, my one true waifu


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t. Hunterfag coping

One it's not convoluted. Just a realistic succession war with Kurapika's personal story intertwined. He even put the dark continent stuff in the back ground.

Hell the mobster stuff was cool as shit before the hiatus.

I wonder if there's a youtube channel out there that does a daily HxH news update, like that one guy does for Half-Life 3, this is a prime long term autism project.

I honestly don’t know if this is true at this point.

Chainsaw man started, finished, went on a 500 days hiatus and will come back in one or two months, all while hxh was on hiatus.
Let that sink in.

pffffff ahahaHAHAHAH

Togashi is a good boy he dindu nuffin

You are technically correct.

not the same thing, but there's a guy that does 1000 punch every day on a livestream until hxh comes back youtube.com/channel/UCeEBly9gLmK8wCxfyJlZoTg

Yeah but CSM is shit, at least HxH was good, even if the mangaka doesn't care anymore.

I even doubt it's someone who actually likes that manga. It's just the new buzzword for schizos on here.

Didn't he ask his wife to help write the rest? Did she say no or something?

>846 videos
>each is an hour long
>updated today

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for now

Write your own continuation if it becomes popular the author will get jelly and make more

Based Don Quixote enjoyer

YYH was better anyway lol

No, it's pretty convoluted
>Just a realistic succession war with Kurapika's personal story intertwined. He even put the dark continent stuff in the back ground
that's the issue, he got too ambitious by introducing the dark continent and all these different factions in the succession war for no good reason and wrote himself into a corner when there were already so many existing plot points to resolve beforehand

>Sad News

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You think it's convoluted but it's going to be easily solvable once things start going to shit and people start dropping like flies. The cow dude said himself, the boat is a time bomb. Once it explodes, utter chaos will ensue.

>reading hxh
>reading asoiaf
>reading reverend insanity
Save me from this hell

Nothing of value got lost

none of that is going to happen because Togashi is not coming back bro
true, at least HxH had some really good arcs. I unironically can't think of a single good moment from CSM

Guess I'll be the first to say it. But Pakunoda is cute and best girl.

there's many things I don't understand, but his decision to introduce so many characters (I think he once said in an interview he wanted to beat tsubasa's record?) in such a complex arc is the one that baffles me the most, the more I think about it the less sense it makes

it was taking him long enough without having to worry about a hundred different characters simultaneously doing their own shit, no wonder he's gone missing

I still think some clarity towards the rest of the world would be much appreciated, I'd even settle for a small announcement on jump saying 'hxh ain't coming back this year deal with it'

We don't know

>Don't fucking jinx it.
There's no way hiatus x hiatus would ever end, it's author will just die.

>I think he once said in an interview he wanted to beat tsubasa's record?
I hate reasoning like that. Guin Saga's author wanted to write the longest LN story and died in the process. Just tell a story, it's a hard enough thing to do without these arbitrary challenges.

Has he made any appearance since, like, can we confirm he isnt dead in his basement and his wife just hasnt bothered to check?

I don't care

Is what I would say if it wasn't so fucking good man whyyyy

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I keep putting off reading this shit even though Im interested because I dont want to hit the wall like you fags have and be mad about next chapter never. Learned my lesson after Mx0

>hm I am basically disabled and unable to work on manga for extended periods of time, so today I will make an arc introducing and featuring hundreds of literal whos all doing their own thing and Kurapika is also there I guess
Maybe Togashi should stop being retarded. It's his own fault that he's never going to finish his own manga.

If you believe that HxH needs constant serialization, then you never understood Togashi's creative process.

>t. cum gargling mongoloid pedoretard

He dindu nuffin is precisely the problem.

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spoken like a mouthbreathing, fart sniffing pseud.tt

What are other things that have run its course entirely within HxH’s hiatus?


Wtf does that mean? I'd rather have more chapters.

Would you guys be satisfied if instead of coming back for hxh Togashi instead started writing an alternative ending to YYH starting after the tournament?

1 hour = 3,600 seconds so if he did a punch every second he will need to do 3600 punches in one hour . so for him to do 10,000 punches in 1 hour he will need to do 3 punches in 1 sec. 10800 punch

0.92 hour = 3600 sec *3

Haven't read YYH. Any point in doing that after HxH or is it rather similar?

Kek, first time seeing this. I wonder if there was one for world trigger also

I haven't read a lick of HxH, so I would welcome that completely

i give it another year or two before we're back in business

YYH feels more shonen but definitely a good shonen. My favorite moments are the characters interacting with each other. I also love the anime's artstyle and animation.

YYH is superior. Shit ending though iirc.

Reminder that after the next 10 issues of Jump (at least 10 weeks later), Hunter x Hunter will have been on hiatus for 176 issues (a little over 3½ years), which is the entirety of the amount of time Yu Yu Hakusho was serialized in Jump.


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Who cares ? it may as well have fi ished when Gon found his dad

god I love YYH