Would you still pursuit the harem route if there is an isekai villainess devoting her all to you?

Would you still pursuit the harem route if there is an isekai villainess devoting her all to you?

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Not even surprised desu.

There is no reason to not take them all, especially those with children.

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New chap when?

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Is it possible for isekai to produce literary masterpieces?

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why did the other thread get nuked?

This is no escape from being made friends with.

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Will Rita Repulsa fall for Red too?

I want him to fuck his sister.

I wouldn't pursue it in the first place. I just want a catgirl waifu.

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villainesses should be evil

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There seems to be a growing trend of demon lords (Demon King [Female]) transform into cats to hide their public existence after MCs "kill" them.

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We need to slay all pussies to be sure denon lord is dead the


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>sure denon lord is dead the

Did you have a stroke?

Idola with a perfect body

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Yes. send help


someone please help this dumb immortal!

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Stop drinking Zero Ultra and sleep it off.

Oh no

Don't do this to me that is my life blood at this point user...

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I'm not interested in any "required" reading.

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Never read it. Can someone tl;dr for me?

When will he bed her?

>With my beloved child’s victory against Shallow Vernal, this is the result of not only Shallow Vernal, but Epilogue itself’s lovestruck emotions towards my beloved child. Epilogue had secretly latched onto my beloved child’s being, protecting him, and if I were to describe it, I suppose it would be his own Epilogue limited to a single target? If my beloved child really falls in danger, it’ll automatically trigger and bring the other party to their end.
This guy is the weirdest mix of pathetically weak and stupidly overpowered.

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Writer explaining different outlooks on life from different age gap characters perspective. From youth when your life starts to elderly when it ends. It's every Dostoevsky's work combined. You need to read whole Dostoevsky to understand it.

all my homies love regret kino

He has some stupid op shit but on the other hand
>mana pool of a slime
>oh shit that's powerful, let's never ever use it again
>even when he got great power he immediately sacrificed everything for Isis

>>even when he got great power he immediately sacrificed everything for Isis
Idk man that sounds incredibly based.
Isis best girl.

But she killed quadrillions.

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Of my semen

>has world creation magic
>but his mana pool is dozens of orders of magnitude too small to use it
>he doesn't even know that he has it, anyway

gosh I love shit like this

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Is it the "tearfully putting down someone you love" thing?

>god's apostle
>can call gods by their names (which is a taboo)
>among the gods title calling is prevalent
>99.9999% of world population can't disobey him

>isekai is all about escapism
So why didn't literary giants of the previous centuries who had depressing lives didn't try this genre?

No. It's the "faking the demon lord's death and making her your pet".

I like star-crossed lovers

The DV might have gone too far

Villainesses should be sexed.

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for some reason a random japanese reincarnator inventing yeast for bread really offends me, on the other hand sex on the second chapter is nice

I use to be able to not get though the day without two big Rehabs but then I realized I can no longer do the job after deprivation and work load. The trigger point was when a client wanted to know what the item they found was and the moment I identified it, I felt dizzy and disconnected. I realized dealing with more than 50 requests a day and being, (at times) the sole worker, being alone and sole responsible didn't end. I didn't sleep for 6 hours or I slept all day on my off days. For three years. In the end after all the the pain and anger that collected inside hit me harder than the Covid Vaccine. The nurse (the real doctor on my insurance did not see me, and I have yet to see my assigned doctor, but that won't matter because they won't help me anyway or misdiagnose symptoms. Didn't want to hear from me anyway or something like no follow-ups) said take these chemist named pills, or take walks, didn't help much (made it worse). A regular for those years told me a solution of the problem so I bought tea bags of Chamomile and sniff the bag when I felt the edge coming on. The pain of non-stop physical labor for thee years locked my bones and to get rid of it was stretching and some yoga segments for a year or so. If the pain was unbearable I would only limit on 81mg Aspirin as I found out my blood pressure was unstable for any higher. At times I felt exhausted or sudden weakness, I wanted to be outside and on the ground behind the building during breaks away from everything. My uncle in the trades said a kid younger than me got a heart attack for drinking those every day, so I got lucky. I now swig on unsweetened tea and low sugar Japanese soda to wake up.

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So, what does Else think happened? Does she think her girlfriend is a bipolar schizo or something after getting knifed?

No. She'd be plenty.

No, one villain would be enough.

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>for some reason a random japanese reincarnator inventing yeast for bread really offends me
Because the hack didn't even "invent" it. He didn't teach them how to make it and I doubt he even knew. He just summoned it and gave it to them. The peak of lazy writing.
Unless their civilization is extremely young, they absolutely had to know how to make yeast since they already knew how to bake breads. Ancient Egyptians discovered it 5000 years ago.

You know you don't need yeast to make fluffy bread, right?.

Why don't you just, like, quit your job?

Same, that a person of this world could be the soulmate of another in a different universe.

In the end, Noah never scored

Fuck this series.

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scones and biscuits aren't breads, charles

That series was depressing.

>No TV
>No electricity
Dumb Gaijin Weeb

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I bet the Noah romance in the afterstories will be a let down as well.

The Chronicles of Narnia.

Is the book better than adaption?

If they can bring over a motorcycle, they can bring a generator and TV.

This would be far less retarded if it was when the guy only started to show the signs of age, some old bones here, lack of energy there, and so on, and she starts to freak out as she sees the clock of death reach for her beloved.
Waiting until he's a shriveled up senile old fart is retarded and makes it impossible to take seriously.

Books and yes.