Chino happy with her onee-chan

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I can't believe Sxarp is fucking dead

yosh, let's get another gochiusa thread to bump limit!

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Going to the burn ward with Chino!

shit series

Chino is dead and Cocoa killed her.

Aoyama's Blue Mountains!

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Renting Chino-chan for an entire night!
It's cheap cause I got a coupon!

...rabitto-hausu is getting desperate.

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perfect curve

Pouring caffeine in shlorp's butt hole

Skype's been dead for years

sorry slorp butthole already occupied

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For me, it's Chiya's hips and legs.

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Look how flat, small and underdeveloped Sxarp is.

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> flat, small and underdeveloped

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By whom?

By malnutrition


By yours truly.

This is my wife Cocoa. She is pregnant with my child (by me).

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Is this Rabbit Horse?

Sorry, my good man, but you are at the wrong establishment. Quite.

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Our wife Cocoa looks good in a sundress.

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This is rabbit horse

Sxarp is more sexually attractive than Cocoa.

Then who is dog?

Sxarp is more sexually active than Cocoa.

Sxarp lost house.

My wife Maya is so cute.

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Maya is a cheeky little brat

What are you going to do about it, user?

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Enact corporal punishment on her buttocks

Aoyama's big blue mountain.

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>t. rize

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Rize doesn't stand a chance

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Possibly the weirdest scene in the show

That's a very dignified fall.

Really? Just a silly scene. Don’t see how it’s anything strange.

It seems to me that it's one of the writers fetishes that he decided to write in. Maybe I'm just a pervert, lel

Maya makes people angry.

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Koi is two people, probably at least one if not both are a girl (I imagine Midori is the self insert). And there really is nothing lewd about that scene. It says more about you if you think that’s fetishized

Is this in the manga though?

>It says more about you if you think that’s fetishized
You're probably right

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this except the inside of her ass

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Cocoa looks good even as a tomboy. She's such a cute and lovable cinnamon roll. And she is also a lovely wife.

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Cocoa looks best as a streetwalker.

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I didn't think someone could be wrong about how Cocoa looks, but here we are.

She also looks good
>in her uniform
>in casual clothes
>in a kimono
>in a yukata
>in sleepwear
>in a swimsuit
>as a loli
>as a young lady with a naisu badi
>as Mocha
>with a ponytail
>with a sidetail
>with a twintail
>in underwear
>in nothing

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You forgot Cocoa in a wedding dress

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Yes, I'm sure I forgot a lot of things. Feel free to add. She also looks good in an apron.

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Very cute!

Well yeah, she is Cocoa after all.

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Time hasn't been kind to Cocoa.

Chino goes to American school and gets shot

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