Scum and Dog 39


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>we didnt get to see a young Sumi naked
Into the trash it goes
And what is the truth?

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mother day.. nice

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What happened? Why did you stop?

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I finally ended up reading this the other day. It’s really quite the enjoyable if trashy ride

Since user stopped

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>Shuuji was the dog all along

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>How are you doing?
>Why yes, I can help you with your homework...

I hope he fucked her so much she needed an abortion

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Why are you so evil? Reika doesn’t deserve that

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His misplaced homolust made him dog and scum

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Well it’s been a fun ride. Now let’s see if they can stick the landing. How many chapters do you think we have left

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And thats why she spend time with sakuraba

Was the chad gay for the mc ?

Why she looks scared? I thought she is supposed to be happy?

Single mother

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Why not ask to remarried? simple

She could be really surprised or thinking about her own past when her mother is also a single mother so she decided to tell MC about it but discovered bhe he lost memories. And then the story began.

Too simple for the melodrama. Though I can see them getting married in the end if the author wants to go for a happy ending.

She realizes she’s a single mother at this point just like her own mother. That’s why she went to visit him and then realizes he had forgotten about everything

Yes. He loved him more then anyone else.

Yes, but he's technically bisexual since he did enjoy fucking women

He used women as cumdumps but his true love has always been his friend. Is that why black cat memed this series so hard?

So what part of Haruma did Shuuji see in her that would make him want to fuck her here?

The fact that haruma liked her and was spending more time with her then him. He told the male kouhai that she was the first girl haruma had eyes for.

I remember this being shilled a lot a few months ago. Is it any good?

Sakuraba was the scum all this way.
>Supressed incel rage
>ran into amnesia like a coward instead of facing his crime
>Now he intemds to abandon Reika now that he remembered.
Yup, he was the scum.

Walmart Boy's Abyss.

I doubt he’s gonna abandon her. He’s probably shook that him attempting to slap shuuji made him die and that his cope that he hated him is undone. He genuinely loves reika, he’ll stick

Why did it stop getting shilled?

Black cat trannys died. Shame though this was a fun ride

BCS members were C&D'd by Ryo and Shueisha bc Boy's Abyss was licensed in some european countries.
Anyways only one member shilled D&S the others basically had Abyss as top priority.

Why does that one member shill it? Is that why the scans keep coming out before the raws do?

>>Reika never loves Sakuraba
>>Sakuraba got a pity sex
It's time for him to leave her for good. There's no point in engaging in a loveless marriage

He does that, he ends 3 m underground with wooden pajamas and Reika being his butcherer.


Anyone read the mangaka other work Dear Sa-chan?

Is there gonna be a final reveal on the last page that she killed shuuji by unplugging him or something, kind of like the one shot?

If that was true why’d the translations for d&s come out faster then abyss?

They had various translators, QC and typesetters.

God I fucking hope so. Finished him off when they were riding in the ambulance.


I like how unapologetic the ending was

He already abandoned her and fled every difficult situation. He ran away in the middle of the night as she was dreaming of a happy family. He is a coward. No in the end he'll have to break the pattern or this is pointless.

It honestly ended before that twist ending.

I think the suspicious thing is that D&S was the only non-Kanokari BCS manga to get scans before raws. It probably means whoever was shilling it really wanted the manga to get special treatment. It's all the more suspicious that D&S was getting faster scans than BA despite BA being BCS's other flagship. The shilling this manga got a while back also seemed very inorganic, as in it was very blatantly being pushed and shilled.

Jeezus fuck muh fucking "shilling" again. How are you fuckers gravitate to this manga you don't even like. Even when supposedly it's not happening some retard has to show up to talk about it.

Manga still getting scans right on release or earlier btw. TLs just like it.

There’s a one shot? Do you have a link to it? I haven’t been able to find it in the usual places