Special eyes

Special eyes thread

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I'm personally outraged that this show didn't get enough love from Yea Forums

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The only good thing about it was the ED.

I always wondered if this eye-superpower focus has its roots somewhere in the Jap mythology.


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Boring, uninspired trash that was carried from the animation and ED

Well pretty much every other mythology does to some degree

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did anyone ask your opinion?

Your eyes aren't special enough

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You did, you retard lol. Nice try though

>My brand!

I'm still miffed the mangaka did not bring Chris back in the finale

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It was shit so that's why.

the stigma system from legend of legendary heros is the best magic eye system

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The only time the trope was done correctly

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What makes it good?

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Do magic eyes have some basis in reality? or is just because they look cool?

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pov you headshot a demon and turn around to see this

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The evil eye
The stinkeye

Holy shit they sure nerfed Danzo in his fight against the sauce

wasn't Shisui supposed to be the fast guy too and look how he got wrecked

His Sharingan was also the most OP with a supposedly unstoppable power of suggestion move that borders on mind control.

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Someone post the reflected pussy innthe eyes mangos

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>only one pupil
lmao, pupillets

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Danzo jumped Shisui and ran away like a bitch
Sauce battle was a direct confrontation and Susanoo was up 90% of the battle

I liked it
Needed more waifus tho.

>They are extremely weak if they get blitzed
got it

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everyone in katanagatari

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>lol my ability makes me completely invulnerable
>even more invulnerable than the other guy who has an ability that makes him invulnerable
Biggest asspull of all time.

My nigga...

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Shit Hiei
Kokuryuha > Amaterasu

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Fucking ROBBED

Leonardo trying to 1v1 the kidnapper in order to protect his sister, despite the fact that using his only power for a prolonged amount of time literally fries his brain, only for the whole squad to walk in right as Leo is about to lose is genuinely a 15/10 scene
Klaus even used his left hand for the finishing blow which he never uses unless hes FUCKING PISSED

If you mean as in do people have magic eye powers, no. Eyes have significant relevance to humans and eyes as a metaphor in various mythological, occult, and societal contexts is older than dirt though. Things like the eye of horus are thousands of years old.

Answer Talker allows user to receive an answer to any question they come up with. Basically god picks up the line whenever you want something answered.

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But can he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Can any of the magic eyes in this thread?

With a decade long cooldown, thank you very much.

Make sure to jot that down in your dream journal.

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Did you form a question? If so then yes he does know. Whether he'll tell you is up in the air

>[sips cigarette]
>[drinks cold whiskey]
>...I am not smiling.
>[puts out and tosses away cigarette that is not even half way used up]

Eye powers date to antiquity with interpretations of Medusa having the stone gaze.

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