Have you been making progress with your studies, user?

Have you been making progress with your studies, user?

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tell me why i should study

not really but attempting to translate this manga has allowed me to actually understand the hiragana and katakana at least, and recognizing some of the more common kanji

Im 18 female and i dropped out cuz i had no friends lol

you gotta git gud at creating stuff you're proud of in order for life to feel worth living
and you gotta study to git gud

I'm doing alright
I have mostly given up mining so much and just watch anime raw all day.

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If you can't read kana you shouldn't be translating manga.

why not? i'm not releasing it, and its not available in english.

I can’t with Japanese I’m learning French because reasons maybe in 3 years

get that French pussy and/or dick, user.

Aside from reading dictionaries, did you have other ways of mining vocabulary that you can't just get from mining kanji?

Is Anki actually good or is it a meme?

Depends on who you ask, learning kanji is not a bad thing though


wdym? you just read stuff and mine any word you want to remember

I already have a hard time memorizing the characters to start with and then there's all the fucking kunyomi and onyomi stuff

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I'm still pretty fresh with studying, barely understanding N4 grammar points and moving onto N3 soon
I haven't taken any JLPT tests yet, but I have no idea what words I need to "know" for the expected vocabulary knowledge segments for when I inevitably try my hand at it. Do I just work with what I see from stuff I'm exposed to or is there a guide I can use to increase vocabulary more linearly?

anki is good because japanese has gay ass readings for a lot of words, and you need to remember them
for example, 利益 is read as rieki, unless it's 御利益, then you read it as goriyaku

I graduated back in December!

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my brain is too flawed not possible for me

>All of these people itt who don't recognize the image and what "studies" refer to
Dear God, "studies" refer to studying the 日本語 language

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idk, the method I'm familiar with is where you read stuff you want to read, watch stuff you want to watch, and make an effort to learn stuff you don't understand. JLPT is kind of a joke since you can pass the highest N1 level and still barely know any Japanese.

True, I guess I probably shouldn't put too much weight on the test
Thanks user, I'll be sure to try harder with mining vocabulary now

not user but do you know the japanese government has a standard list of essential kanji? seems like a good start

joyo kanji are filled with meaningless rare kanji that you will almost never come across, and it's missing a ton of kanji you see everyday
it's just an old standardized list for japanese students, not necessarily good for gaijin learners

>Japanese language language

awesome. how long did it take you/hours per week?

I started this year knowing nothing, and so far I have learned about 2500 words including ~300 kanji and (very) basic grammar.
Resources I'm using:
>Anki: average 650 reviews/day.
>Genki 1: still at chapter 4, but I already learned all the vocabulary from it.
>Genki 2: haven't touched the grammar, but like with Genki 1, I already did all the vocab.
>Kanji in Context: really hard, it clearly wasn't for noobs like me so I put it on hold until I finish the Genki books.
>Remembering the Kanji: just trying its mnemotecnics method, hoping it eases Kanji in Context, but might drop it if it doesn't work.

Remind me why DJT threads get banned on Yea Forums again?

they offend the meidos

mods are dekinais

Back when DJT threads were Yea Forums, I say to myself "today's the day" but ever since they got banished to /jp/, I've been saying tomorrow will be the day.

>atm machine

Same reason panda threads got banished to /h/, mods are selectively retarded.

Go take look at /jp/ and you'll understand.

>not banned on Yea Forums
the absolute state

I've only counted 4 people so far, still embarrassing.

/int/'s djt is at least civil. It all depends on the board.

weird how it never came up in anime I watched, only manga without furigana


Downloading premade decks is a meme, making your own deck one word at a time is actually good

Machine translators are pretty good these days so there's no need.

Not even for Japanese students, it's meant for the Cabinet
A lot of bullshit kanji you'll never see outside of legal documents are in there, and a lot of kanji that you'll find in manga and LNs aren't in there

I constantly see people on Yea Forums misunderstand stuff they deepL'd, so we're not quite there yet.

How many hours a day do you have to study in order to get a decent level in Japanese? (enough to understand anime/manga).
I've read that you have to spend at least 2 hours a day to get that level in a few years, but I can't do so due to college. Should I try it or not?

>Japan is still close for gaijins
So no.


It's great for what it's designed for: helping you retain what you've learned. It's terrible for actually learning things though.

Close enough, I guess.

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At the beginning you have to study the basics, but after a few months you should just be "studying" by watching anime or reading manga/vns/lns. So whatever amount of time you spend now on Japanese stuff will be converted.

As for exactly how long, it's about 4000-5000 hours for a native English speaker to reach fluency, but you can understand anime/manga (albeit at a slower pace) even after a few weeks.

Concession accepted.


>Not して

DeepL can get really wonky at times, like they randomly just produce the same translation repeated over and over again despite the focus of the translation already moves into a different line.

i dropped out of college 4 years ago

Keep it up, remember to read more

I can read normal stuff just fine, albeit I wish I was a bit quicker.
Biggest problem I have is historical stuff like Bakumatsu. There's so many names I don't remember and the different speech patterns are confusing.

yeah, i keep coming across this stuff so im paranoid and need to look up every word

someone finally completely translated zaregoto, I have no reason to continue

based milfchad/dilfstacy

Speaking from experience here, I think it's good. But the problem is that for lazy people like me, it's an easy excuse to not do any actual work.
Doing Anki is easy and it gives you a sense of progress. You can fall into this trap of just doing Anki and call it day. You still need to actually put effort into reading and listening as well.

I reviewed a little bit over the weekend but I can't concentrate due to problems with my house and work being on my mind. Apathy is a killer when it comes to studying

Going to pass N1 this year

Good luck!!!