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Crocodile is Luffy's fathers former room-mate and owes him a favor, nothing more.

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Nothing in this image proves Crocodile was a woman.

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Reddit theory

Could Jewelry Bonney have conqueror's haki?

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why was Crocodile the only one shown from the back?

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it's over

Odile's mascara was running from the rain

They showed his face in the anime you piece of shit

>"People's dreams never end!"
>Literally can't dream
what did Blackbeard mean by this

No they didn't. The anime shot is in the OP.

That red outfit is nice.

Oda couldn’t decide if he should have his scar yet or not

they didn't

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What are some OP moments that women will literally never understand?

New Yamato/Ace legend in OPTC

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Nothing proves it outright but it seems pretty obvious, not to mention he seems kinda obsessed with gender, calls himself Sir Crocodile for some reason, and has a whole organization based around gender (not a single other crew in the series is split up by gender like this btw)

Literally This

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Neat. Any word on when we're getting Yamato alternate outfits?

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ayyyy someone got it

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What's the best One Piece fight?

My first instinct is to say Luffy vs Katakuri, but Luffy vs Lucci has so much more meaning. Not only is there all the weight of Robin behind it, and the buster call, but this really feels like the first time Luffy wasn't just outclassed at the start of the fight in terms of technique, but he was matched in strength.

Buggy had his techniques
Kuro had speed
Krieg had weapons
Arlong had ferocity
Crocodile had his fruit and technique
Enel...had Mantra

but Lucci was stronger, faster, more savage, had the physical strength to surpass luffy, and technique to match it. Luffy really did need to beat him in order to reach his next level.

and god, this fight as a culmination of everything in water 7 and enies lobby?

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Pretty much everything Ace does

Reminder that Yamato is a BOY and if you are attracted to him you are GAY.

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pretty much every single thing about Skypiea.

explains why faggots get filtered by it.

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I could do this all day

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Did Oda retcon the Grand Line?

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Your retarded thread got deleted, fuck off.

Bitch tears.

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>the seas may not be as rough as they were when we started
Looks like a retcon to me.

>7 magnetic fields coming from reverse mountain
interesting, how can a mountain have 7 magnetic fields?

Has Gaydon or the other spoiler attention whores posted hints yet

It's The Holy Mountain.

there has to be more to this a mountain would only have one magnetic field.

stop giving them attention you mongoloid

>You will never be a real shichibukai

Luffyfags get btfo

admit it. You cried the first time.

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One from 4 Blues + 2 from the Calm Belts + 1 from the Grand Line.

From a storytelling pov, what was the point of ditching the ship? Was it really because Pda wanted a new ship called the 1000 Sunny to go with the Sun/Nika theme?

Pretty much from the point they got to the grand line, it was super duper obvious the Merry couldn't make the full journey. Also, having their ship be made of the same wood as the Pirate King's ship, and made by the apprentice of the guy who MADE his ship was more paralleling.

Not just the first time.

zoan users are slaves with no free will and always have been

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Every single day until you KNEEL and APOLOGIZE for saying she won't join.

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>From a storytelling pov, what was the point of ditching the ship?
Did you miss the entire Usopp character arc from Syrup Village to Skypiea to Water 7?

Merry was a real one rip

I have cried everytime I watch this scene but I am too sentimentalist and have cried hard when Ace died too.

No, but do you think Oda wrote out the ship ONLY to give Usopp character development?

>Zoro: Damn, where am I gonna pass out drunk now?

The disciple of the carpenter that made the last pirate ship’s ship made and sails the future kings ship

don't feel bad, user. There's a few scenes that always get me choked up
>When does a man die?
>" me."
>"Vivi...until we meet again."
>Merry's funeral
>Ace's death
I can't think of any scenes that make me cry since the timeskip

For me it's Senor Pink's backstory and Rocinante telling Law he loves him.

From the moment the Merry started to break after Alabasta and especially on Skypiea, absolutely.

Fisher Tiger? Corazon?

Does Carrot have to dress like such a slut?

>Rocinante telling Law he loves him

gotta sell to the coomers user

>fisher tiger
no, not really.

but yes, Corazon definitely.

>the D are natural enemies of God
>Luffy became Sun God Nika
>Luffy is his own natural enemy
>Luffy lost his freedom and is doomed by the fate of a god

Why doesn't she wear any panties?

Because it is more comfy that way, I mean, do you wear panties user?

Señor Pink's is absolutely devastating and unexpected

man, that looks nothing like Kaidou.

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the blood transfusion scene in FI hit me pretty hard and doesn't get enough attention

>>Luffy lost his freedom and is doomed by the fate of a god
"Sun God" is a title. WW said Nika was a legendary warrior.

post your favorite one piece moment NOW

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Rabbits must be ready at all times.

That's clearly Meadows.

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All worst generation should have it otherwise what's the point of calling them the worst generation

Was Enel just a mad man who only ever looked up so didn't bother even trying to go to the blue sea's Vearth, or did he want to go to the moon for a specific reason? Did he know there would be moon pirates, robots and winged people like Skypieans up there?

how will edgetards ever recover?

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I was pretty invested on Kyros and the backstory

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Remember when Meadows = Kaido was a thing?

We’ve never seen a non-transformed Kaido. He’s always in hybrid or full-dragon. Trust in Goda

what? We see untransformed kaidou all the time.

his hybrid form is significantly different from his untransformed form.

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enel has a god complex he was just crazy

More than just the first. This gets me more than Ace, but I was spoiled on him which made it less impactful.

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compared to his hybrid form

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It wasn't just about Usopp, he and Luffy were the main focus, but it involved the entire crew. Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, Nami, Robin and even Franky were all affected by it in multiple ways.

man, much as I think Vivi was a TERRIBLE fit as a strawhat, she was such a good character.

Yeah I think that is most likely, would be cool if we found out he did know something in addition to his god complex though and had a reason besides being a lunatic. Like something from his original sky island village