So I was rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood today with my friend and I saw this shot, at 3:19 during episode 27

So I was rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood today with my friend and I saw this shot, at 3:19 during episode 27

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I've watched Brotherhood so many times and never noticed this

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How did Raimi get away with this?

>old english font
The *people* mentioned there can't read that so it's not offensive lol

how will r*eddit cope with this info?

FMAB chads were always based

I don't think this is very critical of black people given it mentions the whole Rodney King deal

I assume they just googled some old American politician speech about minorities to be close enough to context, and threw it in there without further scrutiny because they figured the 480p TV airing and dvds would hide it.

Holy fucking shit. I went to the episode to fact check and it's real.

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It was a different time.

uber based.

goddamn based

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Is this why it is ranked so highly?

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Wtf it's actually real
Theories on why?
An actual redpilled anime staff member
Or did they just copy random gaijin text from online?

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The fact this is in the series and in a newspaper implies that there is a United States in the FMA world and even in that universe Blacks are still committing disproportionate amounts of crime.

inb4 not in the manga. No-one cares

This same statistic is used by "bluepilled" to say that the prison is racist and the blacks should be set free. Most people see it and go "damn that's racist against blacks for real the system is fucked up!"

Wtf I love FMAB now?

Pretty based.

>Now The meme is Yea Forums too

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you made me check and this is actually real.

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episode 27 was the 11th October 2009...
HOW did they know ??

W t f

There is black alchemist gang warfare

we wuz alchemists n sheeit

Just fact checked this and it is real

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The USA has had a two-class judicial system basically since it's inception. Why wouldn't they know about it in 300 years later?

I should elaborate by the way, the ONLY reason why I paused the episode at this time was because I saw the words "United States". I paused, thinking "wtf why is the US mentioned in FMAB" and then I read the rest of the line silently. My friend was confused as to why I paused for so long, so I read the line aloud to them and we both lost our shit.

this meme is retarded because it only means that the police and the judges are racist. Only black men go to jail because no one cares when white people commit a crime

Will Yea Forums now go give FMA a perfect score on MAL?


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Well yes, it doesn't take a genius to understand that, but you know...

I love FMA already but goddamn that just gave me more reasons to love it

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And anons like to shit on this series for no reason

They need to update the figures. It is 13 and 56 now, not 49.

nice bait

How did they get away with this for so long

At this point it's a self-fulfilling cycle: cops see the crime statistics and see that blacks commit more crimes, so they're more on the lookout for blacks doing shit instead of other races, so more blacks go to prison. The American prison system being fucked as it is, doesn't do well regarding rehabilitation so when people are released they generally go back to to crimes.

>all the other text is about LA riots

It's all Rodney King related I think.

It's all from here

"It's there"

"How can you be so sure?"

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"There's a prison right next door"

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"Okay, so?"

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"What was the main ingredient for a philosopher's stone?"

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"You said it needed live humans..."

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Wasn't there a compilation of anti japan stuff koreans put in the background of the anime they worked on (I'm talking about outsourcing of course) or something like that? They didn't edit those out

>mfw it's actually there

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That doesn't explain why blacks are disproportianal higher in prisons compared to their actual number in most countries including Japan with the few african immigrants there are. London has a similar statistic to the black crime rate as the meme.

because racism exists everywhere

How does this happen?

What he said there perfectly explains it though.

Was it Eva the anime that had word definitions copy pasted from the dictionary and biographies from random dudes in the high tech mecha screens and shit?

Similarly, there's a bit of an anachronism in the first chapter of Spy X Family.

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Reminder that fma 03 makes no fucking sense and is emo edgy story which is fucking shit, and manga is shitty good ending happy go story with deux ex machina writing

They did that all the time, sometimes it was just random shit and other times it was deliberate, like this

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Holy crackers

>"subtle" /pol/ thread
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