I miss her

I miss her

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Esdeath might be the one women I wouldn't ferociously hump. She's just too dangerous.

At least part of her still remains.

>The MC bowl winning Esdeath

Unless Takahiro repeats his past mistakes, then it's
>The less cool Esdeath

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kyouka is so disrespected by the author it's honestly sad to watch

I never liked femdom and esdeath is one of the worst examples of it

True, it makes you wonder if it is possible to literally be cucked to death.

>makes a villain so hot and dere in Akame ga Kill that everybody prefers her over the actual main heroine and the love interest
>kills her out of pettiness because he can't stand it when people don't like his heroines
>decides to make a new series, this time dead set on making a heroine all the fans will love
>makes the heroine (Kyouko) aesthetically like Esdeath, but without any of the charisma and aura of dominance, just a bog-standard tsundere with a shonen-esque personality
>tenka, ren and fubuki show up, and they're all glowing with what was missing (unashamedly sexy (Tenka), unashamedly a tyrant but with a cute side (Ren), and dommy mommy (Fubuki))
>they easily take the top 3 spots in the popularity poll
>kyouka only makes it onto the list by virtue of being the main heroine and having a lot more scenes

After all this time i realized it's the same author, feels dumb man.

>>they easily take the top 3 spots in the popularity poll
I thought that Fubuki was 5th while Kyouka was 4th. Still impressive given how little panel time Fubuki has had so far.

esdeath is nothing but a literal puppet

true, only her hand is intact

Esdeath? More like Bestdeath haha amirite

I think that the anime director shipped Esdeath and Tatsumi.

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Yep, he killed Mine for a reason

it was the best move considering tatsumi a shit

and he will kill mine in the manga too


Murdered by some dyke and is a good thing.

it was the og plot. author changed the manga at that point due to all the shippers.

instead, they did something worse.

>She's just too dangerous.
not anymore.

i prefer the DRAGON'D ending personally

soon tatsumi will kill mine

Did notice this was the same writer. Glad it isn't as pointlessly edgy.

Exdeath was the worst Final Fantasy boss ever. Yes, that includes whatever that thing at the end of FF9 was.

Mira got third, not Fubuki.

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I feel bad for the hand.

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>he's not ready to take any risk just for this beautiful smile

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I loved how the emperor suggested the chancellor as a potential partner for Esdeath. I bet the chancellor thought "As if I would marry that crazy bitch.x

the good part is her hand cured the curse and thus is preserved thanks to suzuka's alchemy.

Heh, cuckquean


Esdeath died over 997 years ago, get over it.

Kyouka Isn't a tsundere, nigger.

Is she cold to the touch?

Is a Esdeath gf worth all the pegging?

>Muh Kyouka's character is so deep and multilayered she doesn't fit a generic archetype and therefore boring af

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Fubuki is shit though

while she is a sadomasochist, I'd argue from her interactions that once she gets going, she is really vanilla underneath, she essentially wanted the teenage romance experience

*Fubuki is THE shit
I'd marry Himari just to be close to those mommy milkers

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More than her body, it's her lingerie that's also hot as hell. I love Fubuki so much.

She blushed when Tatsumi asked her to hit him to prove whether them being transported to an island was a dream or not. She thought that Tatsumi had a fetish for being hit in that moment. But otherwise she didn't really saw a sadistic sexual side except for the collar she gave Tatsumi when she wanted him.

How does Esdeath dies in the manga?

Just like she lived: Pathetic and unloved.

Holy cute.

It was not pretty.


exactly, even alphys is pretty.

I'm surprised she could even get pregnant.

>kills her out of pettiness because he can't stand it when people don't like his heroines
I think her being a main villain played a bigger role in her dying

She fights the entire army of the resistance by herself and is eventually defeated by Akame in a desperation attack. Esdeath had the upper hand the entire time, broke Akame's sword but she got got cut, so cursed and she didn't bother resisting anymore

don't underestimate the pettiness of japanese authors
gal cleaning guy putting out decimal chapters to drag the readers through gangrape namek after being told he had one chapter to wrap things up springs to mind but there's lots of other examples.

For me? It's Chelsea

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too much woman

More like
It's the headcanon

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actually the manga was already at the part where the anime diverged from the source material when the anime was announced,

Threesome with her sister never ever

I will forever laugh at esdeathfags.

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don't worry, mine will die in the manga too.

In an AU in which the first child was conceived AFTER Tatsumi got turned into a dragon and the manga’s ending, Tatsumi and Mine never stop having kids or sex. The new size difference between their reproductive organs caused them to be so addicted to rough sex that Mine stayed pregnant for the rest of her life. Mine stays flat chested despite pregnancy. Even when mine is already pregnant Tatsumi still had sex with her with his dragon cock throughout every pregnancy and he can and does knocking her up even more during pregnancy because his sperm also acts as a form of gonadotropin medication, and child birth was difficult or even impossible for mine because tatsumi almost never pulls out of her pussy even after cumming because, as a dragon, he has no refractory period and the orgasms just make them both more horny. Being pregnant with dragon children stopped Mine from ageing so she and Tatsumi can keep having sex forever. Mine is reluctant to have sex while pregnant but gets onto Tatsumi’s dragon dick anyways out of her addiction to it. Minimum about of babies that Mine will be pregnant at a time with were decuplets and her pregnant belly gets so large and heavy that she is unable to move from the bed they have sex on and she has no choice but to were clothing that shows her pregnant belly. Tatsumi fucks Mine so hard during pregnancy that his dick penetrates her womb/cervix completely and ends up hitting the very top of her womb. They have sex even when they do not want to because Tatsumi’s dragon urges forces him to rape Mine 24/7 and he can only pull out long enough to let Mine give birth to one of their babies before being overwhelmed by his urge to put his dick back into her pussy. Tatsumi and Mine were trap in a never end pregnancy sex hell born from their own love for each other.

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The author would never kill his waifu, she has so much plot armor that even if a world ending event happens that kills 99% of humanity she would not only be a survivor but be completely unharmed.

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If she likes you though she seems more submissive.

>even if a world ending event happens that kills 99% of humanity
hey, they happened many,many,centuries ago.
so mine is already dead.