How is reading a book about chess a sign of intelligence?

How is reading a book about chess a sign of intelligence?
Are anime writers fucking retards?

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It's an easy quick way to get such a character trait across. You would understand this if you were intelligent.


op is peak midwit's post

the average chess player is more intelligent than the average non-chess player. This is rather obvious.
Also this


OP's the fan who makes writers have a character describe another as SUPER SMART because things have to be spelled out rather than shown/implied.

Chess is a brainlet game.
Perfect information games are for idiots.
Define intelligent. They are completely impotent if they are faced with limited information.

>How does reading make you smart?
Jesus christ, OP.

>Define intelligent.
Literally any (reasonable) definition of intelligence would still have the average chess player > the average non chess player.
If you disagree, come up with one that doesn't follow this rule.

>They are completely impotent if they are faced with limited information.
Chess players have been successful at poker as well, etc.

i was going to say glasses would have been better but that's mainly for males

guess he should have read a book.

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Is the average league of legends player smarter than the average non-league of legends player?

WEll if you consider the fact that LoL players have computers so they're likely not in 3rd word shitholes so they likely have education etc..etc. then yeah they're smarter.
But if you compare them against other equally educated/wealthy people, I would say, probably not. Or the difference would be quite small (unlike chess/non chess difference).

What makes chess require any more intelligence than league of legends or any other video game?
>unlike chess/non chess difference
There is no way to measure that.

>Why would having a hobby that forces you to use your brain, make you better at using your brain?
I constantly ask myself that type of question.
Yesterday I saw some massive dude at the gym, biceps bigger than most people's legs, and I thought to myself "What makes me think this guy is strong? Just because he's doing stuff that you need to be strong to do, AND that make you stronger and stronger the more you make them, doesn't mean you're strong".

>What makes chess require any more intelligence than league of legends
If the average joe tries to beat the world champion at chess, it doesn't matter how hard he tries, he won't be able to calculate enough combinations and stuff because his brain isn't good enough for that, no matter how hard he tries.

If he tries to beat the top LoL player, he will also fail, but it has nothing to do with his brain power.

If you don't understand why someone reading books/playing chess is a sign of intelligence, while showing them watch reality tv shows or shit like that is a sign of stupidity, you're probably a fan of reality tv shows.

General intelligence is a very tricky, hard to pin down idea. If you look at spatial intelligence, as well as mental "RAM" (the ability to hold information in your mind; the more information and the longer the duration, the more difficult), then yes, good chess players are extremely intelligent.

Training for one specific task such as calculating possible moves, does not train you for other tasks.
You play chess to get better at chess.
You do math to get better at math.
You write things to get better at writing.
The only thing this shows is that a person with experience performing a task is better at said task than someone without.

What would you do to show that the character is intelligent?
Bear in mind that chances are that the writer is average and so is you.

Don't write big brain characters if you have a small brain.
Dialogue is enough most of the time.

>Don't write big brain characters if you have a small brain.
Fair enough.
>Dialogue is enough most of the time.
You didn't answer my question.

>low IQ take
She's reading a book about chess, that must mean she's smart!
>midwit take
Heh...retarded writers thinking knowing chess makes you smart...what were they thinking?
>non-double digit IQ take
While chess doesn't actually indicate high intelligence, it's widely viewed as such and understanding that this stereotype is being used as a quick way to show the general audience that this character is smart is simply an application of the medium that I should take in stride.

easy Id show her playing chess

If you need to read a book on how to play chess then you're probably not intelligent.

Ok. How exactly?
Because if you just show a sheet with the chess notation it's only gonna be effective as a freeze frame bonus and if you show the game in progress it's gonna be boring for the most viewers if you don't provide an extensive explanation.
Both ideas are not very good.

I would show her creating an only fans to get rich off the simps

not really, most of them are obsolete anyway thanks to engines

Have them perform martial arts

Have them mention Schrodinger's Cat

Depends on the genre.
If it's some highschool drama mention some psychology bullshit.
If it's gambling mention basic statistics and mathematics.
If it's some military related animu mention history and foreign relation theory.
If it's sci-fi just mention basic physics.
Pretty simple.

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that's easy, I would show her enjoying the same anime I do

>Training for one specific task such as calculating possible moves, does not train you for other tasks
not really

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Chess doesn't prove intelligence but it's a game that will frustrate you to tears if you're a brainlet.

You didn't have to do him like that...


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Who just rocks into the thread and kills the OP?

This anime is the peak of tryhard anime. I can't fathom someone unironically watch this without cringing.

Looks like the Europoors woke up.

OP destroyed in a single post, well done.

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Is there a bigger cuck than the butler's son?

Yamauchi. Got rejected by Sakura, Kushida probably hated him and other than Sudou, Ike and Hirata most of the class probably hated him with a passion. All his friends will get girlfriends long before him, if he ever does get one.

Oh and let's not forget that he was played like a fiddle by Sakayanagi in the most obvious way possible, making it extremely clear how dumb he was for all to see.

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so, OP, there's this thing called "suspension of disbelief". It's something you should be aware when consuming fictional content because, while it can be considered a hindrance to immersion, it's often used by writters to convey important information quickly without breaking the flow of more exciting elements of the show. The writer assumes you have a functioning brain and that you know you're watching a piece of fiction, he expects you to know that he's telling you this character is smarter than other characters, he's telling you as a writer to you as a viewer.
With that said, yea, it's pretty shit lazy writting and anime writers in general are pretty shit, if you're not used to this by now you probably should watch more anime before posting on an anime board.

>a book just called CHESS
i have to wonder what's in it



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It's a fake cover, the real book is "How to survive a T-Rex attack for dummies"

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>it's supposed to be shit, if you were intelligent you would understand this

Think of something smart that takes an hour to come up with your average brain. Then condense it into something the character you're writing will think up in one minute.

Considering how repetitive it is, unlikely.

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>well looking and mannered
>pre emptive
>tends to trick/use MC
>her words are often misunderstood
>first to sense danger; quick to react
>reads books in free time
>overthinks question posed by MC

if you are serious about chess then you need to do some serious reading

The only correct answer.

You have to develop the character and show her solving problems, manner of speaking etc. across several chapters. However, manga writers don't have this luxury so the best way is to have her write e=mc^2 on a black board while showing a panty shot.

>have her write e=mc^2 on a black board while showing a panty shot.
This guy makes the kind of manga I wanna read.

>It's an easy quick way to get such a character trait across
It is until you think about it for half a second and realize how retarded it looks. Might as well have the character wear a monocle and an "I Love Chess" t-shirt. How else are you supposed to find out she both likes chess and knows what she's doing?
This is a perfect case of telling and not showing, in the kind of way that terrible writers still interpret as being shown since it was communicated visually.

>body so frail that if you knocked her up, she might die from childbirth

Great, isn't it?

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