Baki ch 124

Raws in a few hours

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Hype af

Looking forward to some muscley Yujiro dong

Looking forward to some rock breaking Kehaya ass

Yujiro will die

Baki is series made by gay for gays.

yes it is.

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Not for me but for 99% of the fandom? Yes.

Is Motobe still protecting everybody or has his watch ended?

Jack pls

I'm not gay I just like jerking off to men with big muscles

motobe is afraid of Jack showing his asshole so he's not going to do shit.

what about gaia? ez dark tunnel

Jack butthole please

He'd be stuck because the other end of the tunnel is blocked by titanium teeth. He'd basically just doom himself to be anal vored.

What if Jack shows his butthole and Gaia comes out of it?

Imagine if it was another break
Haha I would lose my shit

It’s too tight I think
And even if he does get inside, Gaia won’t be able to get out because Jack will just keep Gaia inside or him
Ohhh stimulating….

Memetobe > Jack

I’m probably the only one who thinks Motobe is lame and deserves a beating

Gaia has seen that picture of Jack having Sukune in his stomach, he won't risk it.

Ah that one

I think Motobe should get killed by Jack
It would be a good twist


I’m honestly not expecting much from this chapter


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The stone will kill Yujiro

Golden week nightmare is over bakibros...

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The 9 tailed girl inside the rock will kill Yujiro

> Baki is series made by gay for gays.
Not true.

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So fucking happy about that
However, there’s probably gonna be another break next week or some shit.

Like always

Jack please. Take your meds and roids and go to sleep.

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I for one enjoyed having a week off.
I finally got back into powerlifting training and I took the time to build a pantry of emergency food and medical supplies in case we get another world ending earthquake in Tokyo

And by sleeping you mean hanging from a tree? This is why Jack is my boy. Man’s never taking a break

>Implying Jack can sleep
Trensomnia is real

Whoever says a break is good is fucking stupid
Day 1: Raws comes out
Day 2-7: Plenty of fucking time to work out

You must be high as fuck, holy shit.

There is more in my life than waiting for raws... like working

Its for women

You’re digging yourself a deeper hole

I hope todays chapter is more interesting than last one.

I used to think female fighters in Baki would be cool but nah, that’d be stupid as hell

Working... which I didn't have to do because it was golden week... so I had a week of holidays instead of raws... so I'm happy

Wonder if seething towards Motobe is one of the few things Jack and Yujiro can agree on.

Same but my expectations are not high

So you’re Japanese? Shit why didn’t you just say so

Motobe doesn’t add anything to the story anyway, we have Gaia now. He can take Motobe’s place after Motobe gets killed by Chad I mean Jack Hanma

Japanese=Small pp?

As long as its not half just Yujiro walking Im fine

Small pp=strong?

Yeah, it was literally 9 or so panels of Yujiro just walking like a twat
123 was such a shitty chapter

Speak for yourself my favorite chapter in the series is Sukune doing his hair.

You can’t read

not gay and not into blacks but i'm obsessed with oliva

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If you’re not into blacks then what are you into?

Oliva is based

Thighs and kneesocks.

Kneestock wearing Oliva in other words

Jack respects Motobe.

Lmao doesn’t matter

thats why jack is going to respectfully kill motobe as a way to redeem his loss

Why do you think we have Gaia now? To have 2 Motobe’s? No. One of them will die. Place your bets, mines on Motobe