Getsuyoubi no Tawawa

月曜日のたわわ その377 異世界たわわ『歓待』

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Nipple edit

Cute but where's my Mole Drow?

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Boob worship? Maybe they're not so different from us.

Property Class of Head

Why did Elfdude get bonked?

You're reading it wrong, it says "Property of Class Head", a common mistake.

I noticed that too. Feels like we're missing something.

Guessing next week's joke is that they're going to treat her like a prophecised heroine and gear her up to fight some dark lord menace


Can't see him peeking anywhere on the page, nothing sets up the bump in last week's panel either

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My only guess is the brown elf is his gf and she got jelly for some reason.

A dark lord with short hair and a track suit?

>no rape
>no sex
What's the point?

Kind of a shame she didn't get one of the elf-mage's tunics considering her tits are completely exposed through her dress' keyhole'

I'm for it

Japanese write top-bottom right left, its Class Head Property of

Cute tawawaelfing. Ai magic hax plox

Japs read right to left, it says class property head of

>Japs read right to left
And from top to bottom so it's "Class head property of"

This is your water nymph, tonight

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rough idea of the finished img.

fuck water distortion.

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That looks nice, good luck with the hair

That flower looks out of place. Can you remove it?

that's the worst part to work


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So that's why they worship her, she banishes the blue just being there.

She has really fat tits and elves are historically flat

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Ai-chan needs to gain another cup size, its been too long

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Maybe learning magic and increasing her mana pool will help her with that.

There should be a tawawa for thighs

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Thigh thursday? There's that miru whatever anime.

Tawawa on Thighday(friday)

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The underwire wearing through the strained fabric is a legit inspired touch, Himura actually has to have some anecdotes/experience with busty girls' bras to know that's a thing

>strangestone has his own tawawa gf IRL
>he draws tawawas to share his joy with the rest of us faggots
We don't deserve this man.

The real explanation is that Himura is a Tawawa.

>Myself on Monday

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The ripples' shadows kinda look like deep as hell wounds, it kinda creeps me out.

That's some sidemouth.


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that's it for now.
time to learn more shit.

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flat elves

Can't unsee it now. Looks pretty cool though.

are they boy elves or girl elves?

Don't dead, open inside.

also,is this skin tone for the dark elf's ok?

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Think Himura is a bit salty that he didn't get to draw Leafas pointy ears more.

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Maybe a little lighter? The monochrome version doesn't seem as dark.

This would be fine, yours is a bit too dark? Or maybe it's just the lack of tone/shading.

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Yeah that looks perfect.

I wanna sip

Nah, i am sick of never seeing even a hint of areolas.

Tawawa bathwater


>tits are both feared and worshipped

Just like the real world.

Who fears tits in real life? Unless they're acid-to-the-eyes bolt ons.