Spy X Family

Just watched the first episode. Anya makes me want to abandon my life of being a fat greasy Weeb unfuckable and have a kid.

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She makes me want to fuck her.

And you'll abandon her in three months.

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Just play The Sims

Just admit you wanna rape a child you pedo

Even if they are ugly I hate seeing any creature sad

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>be wit studio.
>adapt adorable dumpling bojji.
>next do precious cinnamon roll Anya.
What is the next cute child mc that will be adapted?

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Your 3dpd smartphone addicted brat would never be able to be half a cute as her, you know.
Most kids these days are doomed because of the society manipulating them with fancy "apps".

Then go fix your diet and start exercising. If you're really as fat as you say you are, start by just walking 30 minutes everyday and lift twice a week. A waifu or daughteru is as good a motivation as anything else but at some point discipline and habit take over.

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if you can't have a kid, you could always adopt one

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Your fault for not moving to a rural community and raising her properly then.

Don't, user. Everything seems better when you imagine it, but is ultimately disappointing and painful in the real world. Living by proxy through anime or video games is the best way.


No wonder they went all out and shilled this series so much on social media. It's japanese propaganda so people want to have kids.

When will Yor fulfill her matrimonial duties and drunkenly force herself on Loid?

Believe it or not, Yea Forums is not black pilled like you.

>There are people here who want to adopt their own Anya
You people say this, but you haven't forgotten about your first daughter right user?

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Quantity > quality

t. Shinzo Abe

Not a bad thing in this case

Here's an idea that will turn SpyxFamily from good to great:
>Franky gets assassinated
>Twilight has a "terrible day for rain" scene

Nice bait, but we all know you're already a massive normalfag. Probably watched it at a party or something.

No, it's pedo bait with a thinly veiled disguise.

>change your entire life because of a kid
yeah have fun with that investment, too bad it barely ever works because said kid will want to know technology the moment they learn about it

More like reddit x Yea Forums

That's something that could happen if Endo laid off his meds and started co-writing with Akasaka Aka.

Hello fellow anime fans, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe here. Agent Twilight and Agent Yor Forger sure looked like they were having fun in today's episode huh?

Did you know that their SpyxFamily life is not that much different from an average home? Here's a fun idea, why don't we try it for a few years! Let's do our best and try to be father and mothers for our very own wacky children like Agent Ania, haha! Crazy!

Who is the worst character and why is it Loid


Spy X Family is government funded propaganda to try and encourage the Japanese to have kids to counter the declining birth rates.

It's Yuri because he's a one note character.
This isn't too bad provided he gets another character or two to bounce off of.
What I'm saying is that he needs to team up with Nightfall.

>Loid manipulating Yor
>Anya manipulating Damian
the day of the rope will come for father and daughter

They'll use it responsibly if you teach them the dangers of using it recklessly. Proper parenting trumps societal degeneracy.

I abandoned this girl's show because the characters all had such creepy smiles

I get the feeling that Yor will get over her silly school girl crush soon and accept a real man that is Ostanian descent. She wont betray her country.


It's a pretty chad move that Loid has tried to take advantage of Yor's crush on him.

This is why he doesn't have a family and neither do you

Once you get older, you care less about pussy and more about freedom. The chad Twilight understands this.

Nice try, Nightfall.

I dunno, sounds more to me like you're just projecting honestly

Actually wait, that one's more Yuri's domain. There's too many homewreckers here.

Loyd is so best boy it hurts.

But he killed millions...

>Moshi moshi, WIT studio? Great work on the Spy x Family anime.

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he was following orders

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Yuri. His siscon shit wasn't needed. Could have an actual decent brother, but nope, gotta have the trope.

Loid is a disgrace. Imagine living with a 11/10 woman who's kind, loving, loyal and caring and treating her so badly. I feel so bad for Yor sometimes, she's getting so worked up for a lie.

>treating her badly
I wished he did so that the mission/plot would progress. No need to tolerate Anya's bullshit and make her into a stella earning machine.

It's to keep the fujos away.

point taken

t. Fiona

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Yor is truly an empty vessel for Loid to manipulate anyway he wants.

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I think Agent Twilight deserves a better wife who fits him better

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Fiona is a meme
Becky is a toddler
Yor won.
Get a cat.

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Fiona will bring Yor to justice for her crimes against the working class people.

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Thank you, former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, I - a 18 to 35 year old single male - at first did not feel the desire to reproduce and would much rather spend my days consuming Anime on welfare, but ever since I started watching Spy x Family I felt the need to start a family of my own. I applied for five jobs and one of them decided to take me in. I also started talking to a female co-worker with whom I am compatible. Wish me luck!

Thanks again Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe! Let's all get jobs, pay our taxes, get married and have between 3 and 5 children for sustainable population growth that will lessen our dependence on foreign immigration and ensure that the pension system remains affordable!

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You get influenced by anime way too easily.
And you aren't supposed to make a child, this show encourages adoption instead. Good luck.

>Spy x Family reached 18,000,000 copies in circulation.

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April 29 ~ 17 million copies
May 9 ~ 18 million copies, so over 1M in less than 2 weeks.