Goblin Slayer

Would you want to become a female adventurer in the Goblin Slayer setting?

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So that's a no from you then?

I'd want to become a goblin.

Yes. I've played enough Violated Heroine to be an expert.

How hard is the setting though? Surely it would be better then to be a member of the band of the hawk?

Start on rats and bugs like GS said, you'll probably do alright for yourself, maybe live in a busier city with better guards/protection but that also means there's probably more competition for jobs

You will never be a man

Most female adventurers dont get raped, so its better than the berserk setting.

>no piss
its shit

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you are another nobody no name Steel Ranked Adventurer. Goblin Slayer is unable to use his typical group for a simple but larger than normal Goblin Nest subjugation quest and is looking for a small group of Anons to team up with.
how do you sell yourself to GS? what is your Class? what skills do you have? do you have issues with neutralizing young Goblins? will you wear a helmet? are you Female? are you against the usage of Fire Water Poison or Explosives during this quest?

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i would rather kill myself if i became a female in a medieval/adventurer setting

I'd rather be Goblin Slayer.

would goblins fuck a trap?

it would probably take them a few times to realize

Based VHchad

they would probably cut his dick off and still fuck him.

That depends on the situation I get put in.
Would I be stuck in a group of noobs who think they are invincible and wrecking a goblin cave is a cake walk?
Or would I be with people who at least understand their own limits?

I want to seed a female adventurer.

Considering they hunt by smell, probably not

Would you want to be a goblin?
You get to fuck this, but you also get brutally murdered by GS.

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Monk tits make it worth.

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>goblin slayer who?

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>i want to be an autist that loses his family, home and gets ptsd

Can't i just be a demon/goblin slaying badass WITHOUT the PTSD?

that means you have to defeat the goblin attack on your village as a kid.

Why then would you be obsessed with killing goblins?

You will always be a man

I'm still pissed off GS didn't deliver on hardcore rape. Specifically, flat chested elf rape.

You will always be a shitposter.

>Goblins and piss
ENTER. Anime didn't need to change this scene.

>Goblin slayer
Let me guess, you don't follow the series?

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ok, but I want real combat proficiency with a sword or mace and I do not want to be a huge overgrown amazon either. Something along the lines of Priestess with a larger build, armor and a cool morning star

Looking how strong is Female paladin, Arcmage, SGG, priestess actually (LN), Sword maiden, and that fucking "Vorpal" bunny girl. Yeah, you only not need to be retard and do what this user said

Priestess lift ?

Of course not.

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Yes, but as a female general commanding entire armies of goblins and goblin dragons.

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>What's to prepare ?

>be female
>get to kill manlets

I'd be living every woman's dream.


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even goblins won't fuck this


If I get to be a non-jobber Monk, sure.

Doesn't sound like a good time to be honest.

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Good thing shes wearing those tall boots so her piss doesnt smear all over her legs

I don't know why any female would want to be an adventurer in this anime unless the economy is so bad that adventuring or prostitution is the only way not to starve to death.

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Yeah, I'd take my time killing rats in the sewer and gain power before fighting goblins, so I'd be fine.

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Become a powerful sorceress and have as much sex as possible to make up for my previous life.

Only if I'm an elf. Afterwards it's only to play it safe, and using tactics and patience. Plus good allies.

I'd go with GS and try to learn from him, with the emphasis that me being an elf I could do goblin slaying for a thousand years.

>race propagates by rape alone
>"Let's let women near them, I mean they are the weakest creatures, the fact that there are a billion on them shouldn't alarm anyone"

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Yes. I wouldnt get raped on purpose either. Women are nothing but holes to fuck but I'm the kind of guy who uses a screwdriver as a pry bar.

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I hate being horny

Women in Goblin Slayer don't get horny, they just get incontinent.

>unless the economy is so bad that adventuring or prostitution is the only way not to starve to death.
That's exactly what it is for some of them. Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric spend months hunting giant rats barely getting by, and losing his sword because it got stuck in a dead rat when they had to run away from a horde was grounds for them to worry about running out of money to continue working as adventurers and having no choice but to to become a serf and a prostitute to avoid starving.

anime ruined this scene

Already 2/3 of the way there

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YO 71 when?

Fugg didn't mean to click on post #

No, but I wouldn't mind another profession