How are they supposed to kiss standing up?

How are they supposed to kiss standing up?

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He holds her up in a hug, lifting her 1.5 feet off the ground.

It's simple, he kisses Subaru instead.

I'm 6'4'' and the way you do it is I have no idea. Never had the chance to try and sometimes wonder how it would even work myself

She can kiss his dick

gee, maybe you pick her up
being manhandled is half the reason girls like taller guys

she needs to climb first

How much do you need to OHP to lift the average girl? Most of them are pretty chunky these days.

you're a tall man and she's a womanlet, a skelly could achieve it with some strain and a man with a basic level of fitness wouldn't sweat it at all
>Most of them are pretty chunky these days
your own fault for dating a fatty

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I asked you for a number. I've never dated anyone and probably will, but in the vanishingly unlikely event that the situation ever comes up I need to know if I can actually do it before attempting.
>basic level of fitness
What OHP weights are these?

>and probably will
*never will

the average japanese woman is like 130 pounds so if you can ohp 1pl8 and curl 40s you'll be able to throw the average womanlet around

130 pounds is babby weight.
i don't think you quite understand.

I understand that the average american woman is an undateable fat slob with a superiority complex

We invented the technology called a box.

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I'm a 6'4" skellington and I regularly lift my dog who weighs and squirms more than any womanlet. If you're lifting your womanlet for a kiss you'll also be strengthened by the sudden surge of masculinity.

What's your OHP?
I'm a skelly and my ohp 1rm is only around 45kg. So you're saying is I shouldn't attempt talking to girls until I hit 1pl8 on OHP, figured as much.

I'm a skinnyfat who only recently started calisthenics and haven't done an OHP in my life. I was lugging my 135lbs dog up flights of stairs when I was totally sedentary.
Your fixation on OHP numbers is incredibly wimpy. You'll never lift anything remotely difficult if you don't believe you can without having someone do math for you.

With a stepladder.

She'll stand on a box.

Can you protect her smile?

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No because it's his job

He could, like, sit down to get to her level

Picked up

Quite challenging. Consider the 1/2/3/4 meme, that's 60 kg for OHP and 140 kg for the deadlift. Depends on your height and weight, but reaching that level in a year of consistent training is generous. And OHP is almost always the last one to reach that level.
Nowadays a womanlet can be 60 kg and still consider herself "skinny". Add that lifting any irregular shape is much harder than a barbell, and you have a lot of work ahead of you.
However, you can just not OHP them, such as by picking them up and lifting with your lower body. At any rate it's best not to associate with fat women.

Doing it on an incline.

I love this manga. Dodging so many cliche drama tropes

Is this any good?

He picks her up and holds her.

How tall is he supposed to be? Is this one of those where he is 5’10 and she’s just a tiny Japanese woman

I have carried around much heavier shit. The problem here is that I can't use my back here, user told me I have to pick her up and lift her to face level while standing up, which implies primarily front delt activation.

user... 140 is the 3 plate squat. 4 plate DL is 180ish.

Crossing your arms under her ass and thighs will let you brace the weight against your stomach and last longer, at least long enough to make it seem natural when you push her up against a wall and take even more of the weight off.

no you pick her up by grabbing her ass or under her thigh and holding her against you which mostly activates your posterior chain and shoulders, similar to a deadlift

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Both mains are fun and likeable, cute romance.

I'm as tall as you. You just gotta lean down its not hard.
Although one time in highschool this chick was wearing a hat and as we were about to kiss for the first time the bill poked me directly in the fucking eyeball

Kneel for love

I tried to search it on my usual site and accidently found the Unattainable Flower's Twisted Bloom, which is a much less cute story

3 chapters in
>oh no I hurt your feelings I'm sorry
>oh no I caused a misunderstanding I'm sorry
>no I'm just tall and scary I'm sorry
>no no I'm just awkward it's ok I'm sorry
>oh no I upset you I'm sorry
>no no I'm the one who actually upset you I'msorry

Hes literally me


Listen they’ve avoiding a lot of frustrating drama it’s very cute

Fuck you tallfags , give me your fucking height.

With a running jump.

She'll pole vault.

I'm 6'7'' and you really just gotta break your back if you wanna kiss or hug anyone


It doesn't change the fact that 130lb is babby weight.
I don't think you quite understand. I can bench 3pl for 5 and deadlift 4pl for 5. I have passed a point where my mind and body don't even register weights less than 130lb. In my world objects less than 130lb don't exist.
I am getting stronger and stronger every time I hit the gym. I am starting to fear my own strength.

Villain origin story

Listen man it's really not that fun. You get back problems and hit your head on everything, getting clothes is a pain in the ass, I have to order my shoes online (most of the time they don't even make shoes that big). My height was useful when I played basketball and if I wanna make fun of my manlet friends, most girls aren't that superficial that they only care about height

I'm glad I hung in there, chapter 7 was pretty funny

She has to bring a ladder.

>tfw 5'6
>no women tall enough to do this

They dig a hole and he stands in it.

mah hart
mah sol

Find a Serbian or Dutch woman. I don't know a single one under 5'9"

at chapter 7
how did they do lady and the tramp better again?

Tip toes.

>OP has never heard of knees.
Is your spine a single rod?