Okaeri Alice

If you had sex with Kei does that make you a faggot?

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oshimi is such a fucking hack


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Don't care, I'd still be pipping that bussy off-cooldown

no, traps aren't gay

go beat your dead horse somewhere else, OP, and don't come back

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Shut the fuck up you tasteless projecting troglodyte.

Is not*

Its not gay if not touching the balls

Does anyone know Oshimi's schedule for releases?
When time of month do Alice and Chi no Wadachi get released?

grow up

Kei isn't a trap though they are non-binary which is trans

it's out people

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oh no no no

scratch that there were some pages on wrong order (fuck you imgur)
let me work on it

This manga and its fanbase are a joke.

it's here

chi no wadachi is released biweekly, published in Big Comic Superior every Friday for it's 1st and 3rd week of the month, basically the last released chapter was from 22nd April so do the math
meanwhile Alice is released online through magapoke, every 8th or 9th day of the month



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The bitch won. It's over, Kei sisters

Mitani is relentless

If getting a brojob while you cry in the shower is gay I don't want to be straight.

why doesn't he just stop having sex with the tranny

Kei bros...

what is this expression trying to convey

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Sad that they lost, but happy to lose the shitty bangs.

jesus christ what a wasteful chapter
kei seemingly mindbroken after being told yo has had sex, asking him if it felt nice, did you cum, etc, and yo said yes and then seemed to be lost for words "it's up to you what to decide from now on" as they left to return back to their home
and suddenly they're back to school and honestly this shit is easily explained even without reading the text

Why would you want to stop

it's disgusting and not productive to living a good life


Did Kei really think Mitani would do nothing out of desperation? Why the fuck was this tranny so confident up till now lol

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the only good life is a dead life. the slime crawled out of the ocean but organics will never be more than disgusting slime and an abberation against natural, sterile celestial bodies like God intended

what do you know about living a good life?

This nigga Yo unhinged.

Glad that Kei is back to looking like Kei. Looked completely diferent to other chapters last time around

>not productive to living a good life
>says this on Yea Forums

>did you cum
do normies really ask this?

please someone dump

Nice. Yo enjoying some straight hetero sexy times even during school. Mitani owes him a couple blowjobs after all that.

new girl gonna take advantage of kei

bad news for homos

more straight Mitani sex and the new girl will straighten out Kei

be the change you want user

i dont have the chapter

bitch does not take no for a answer


Who this?

Did he really suck off the main dude

Garbage for trannies

what a bro

A fanbase doesn't exist, just a few trannies spamming this crap here to get attention

The Threesome is near and you know it,my friends if doesn't happen at the end i will fucking draw it!

Where's the dump

Yes, yes it is gay, but who cares?

right here
*unzips dick and shoves it in your mouth*

Ha ha faggot


yes they are and you're gay



Tranny website, newfag

yes, even getting hard makes you a faggot.