Do not bully Ren-kun(10yo)

Do not bully Ren-kun(10yo)
He's just trying to be cute

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He looks like a Puerto Rican whore, makes me sick.

I want to fuck him

Why do you know what those look like?

Why does he keep his hair long?

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I wonder how did China allow LGBT. I thought China bans LGBT as well as bikini.

Small children are easy to bully though.

his mother probably only know how to do aharen-style cuts

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Yeah but imagine the 3 ways with Ren-chon and Reina.

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>can't buy the manga in amerifat
>mangadex incomplete
can someone spoon feed

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Ren is going to grow up fucked up because everyone around him is encouraging his crossdressing behavior.

yeah i'd fuck him so what?


Thank you. I was actually too much of a new nigger to know where to plug in your code directly, but I ended up finding the series by trying to plug it into other sites anons told me about and just happened to run into it.

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Doesn't Aharens childhood stalker friend do her hair?

That sounds really awkward.

Ren-kun kawaii

oh wait its a boy?

Aharen Ren?
Aha Renren

*4 ways
Them two in the middle, me and Raido on the outside

Yeah whatever Chino just get back to work, we got a whole line of old men waiting to get their dirty cocks cleaned by no other than you.

Well, he shouldn't.

>Cure Star is pink>Patrick Star is also pink

He seems very weird and silly

>Reina showed a bid of concern regarding her little brother dressing like a girl
>she asked why he is doing that
>"because the clothes are cute"
>Reina then go and shows her support for her brother by giving him a hug
there you have it: le LGBT message done in a non-cringe and forced way that makes me wanna throw up
*clap clap*

this is his reaction when i suddenly unzip my dick

perhaps they just changed the meaning in their localization.

Ren-kun to Ofuro!

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are you kidding? the look on her face at the end said it all.
>my brother is a freak and our family name dies with him

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>Puerto Rican whores look like THAT

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That fucking animal. I can't even say his name.

from what museum did you retrieve that image

The museum of Puerto Rico, obviously.

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Yeah, he is pretty cute and funny. I wanna make love to him

>Leon the professional
They know

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Oh no no...

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Pero que trolazo!

>mogged by a shota
How can the mesugaki ever recover from this?

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Peg the shota to assert dominance

He's too powerful

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He doesn't need to be a tranny to be cute though

i got raped by my cousin when i was 7 so i would know

has the mangaka been confirmed a woman yet? east asian women obsess over this movie.

Is he gonna mating press both of them?

they're around whether you want them or not



>will ruin a-kun's spring of youth by turning him gay
Ren needs to be stopped, he's a menace to society.


Fuck off

male chino


My wife Chino is a trap

>tfw no aharen gf

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Is it a three letter name?

I will and he'll like it.


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