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What do you think Subaru will do next? How will he react to what just happened in Chaos Flame?

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the same as he always does, self-hate, also, he'll have a very funny conversation with tanza

Why did Emilia kill Re:Zero?

Maybe Tanza trying to convince Cecilus that Subaru is dangerous, that'd be a funny reversal.

Chap 61 finally dropped? or we still reeeing over Emilia dropping in?

A wild and silly boy having a conversation with a cute and funny girl

Re:zero is over.

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Don't care.
Don't care.

When will Crusch do her wig reveal?

Just after Jamal returns.

Rui will say a word next batch
I feel it

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The batch is over

we have at least 40k words to go I think.

Nah. The B side chapters will continue until the battle is over and it's caught up time wise to the end of Chaosflame and then the volume release will use Subaru meeting Cecilus for the epilogue.

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this series peaked at arc 4

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Quit necrobumping these shit threads


>shit threads
high quality you mean? rezero has has quality

Why? What was so special about arc 4?

We got confirmation that Emilia ate Petra's eyeballs in that arc.

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This batch is dragging

This arc is dragging.

This series is dragging

I cant quite put my finger on it, probably because it does alot of things nicely. It was a hotpot of excitement to read

Why did Emilia filter you?

What's going on in Re:Zero these days? I never made it very far in. I watched up until Subaru's magical adventures with Rem, and then getting murderkilled again. Subaru wasn't especially likable and the suffering porn began to wear on me, so I just dropped it.

Need 58B, 59B, 60B and possibly 61.

No no, she took Petra's eyeballs as snacks, but Puck is the one who actually ate them when Emilia died.

He was crossdressing until he got turned into a child by an evil ninja and then a deer nuclear punched him across the continent and he's been found by an autistic weeb.

Superman does NOT eat children's eyeballs!

>tfw you don't know if joke or just Re:Zero

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Another one for the pile.

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You must be angry

There will be a chapter today and the title will reference Emilia and it will be Emilia wank.
>.t it came to me in a dream

Sup schizo-kun.

No need to get mad, Emilia filters a lot of anons.

Well that wasn't hard to get you on cooldown, i guess that nonsense i heard about these threads is true after all i don't how the regulars handle being here for so long

Why did you bump the thread? Let it die, if this schizo wants to shitpost so bad let him be by himself

Ice here, if i kiss Petra will you stop bullying me and my boyfriend?

user here, fuck off or post something on topic.
But first, kiss Petra.

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When do we get back to Subaru? He's literally the selling point of Re Zero outside of waifus

no one gives a shit about cringebaru and choaszzzzzzz

Presumably after either 59B or 60B.
So 2 or 3 more chapters without him.
Technically, it's possible the next chapter is 61, or the one after that, but I doubt the B chapters stop before catching up with the end of the Great Disaster.

>he’s the selling point outside of the actual selling point Rem

Wait for the B sides to get finished and then it should be him again.

Truth. I don't even read Re: anymore, I just stopped in out of mild curiosity, but if you told me Rem was confirmed endgame and for a happy ending then I'd pick it back up in an instant.

new rem art lads

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She's so bland and pure it's disgusting. I haven't read beyond arc3wn but i doubt she changes much. She's so boring she's not even good for raping ir beating up. Honestly her only use would be serving as body pillow at night.

I honestly hate her.

So in the second loop of Arc 1 even if Subaru didn't let it slip that he was returning the insignia, Elsa was going to kill him anyway right?

she doesn't really leave witnesses alive, plus once she wants to see someone's guts, unless she's told by the mother not to kill them, she'll look at those guts one way or another

I could have fixed her...

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No chapter again, I hope Tappei doesn't stall until the 20th to resume

does anyone have the green text from last month where user impregnated her to fix her? that was funny and hot

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slow thread

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Spoke too soon:

Yes there is


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my last two are the number of chapters we'll have to wait for rem to see subaru again

Seems a little soon honestly.

let us post fat oni butts while we wait for the chapter

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Even if he's updated, Tappei is a hack.

Flop is gonna die and it’s gonna be the fault of Madelyn aka THE DRAGON

Flop and Medium's necklaces are apparently relevant.

>t. spriteanon

in the end of the chapter Madely captured flop and rem and flew away. also because Madely like rems healing magic. so yep emilai didn't see rem hahahahahaha

They're dragon fangs or something. Madelyn is autisming out.

Did Moblia leave?

Rem took Flop hostage, lmao.

Thank fucking god

Tappei is not a hack. He’s amazing. I love him and would totally suck his cock while dressed as Emilia.

So Rem and Flop are now two damsels in distress captured by a dragon and locked in a dungeon/tower?

Re:Zero is saved.

>Rem rushes t Flop who has 4 scars on his chesy
>Madelyn gets in the way and grabs Flop
>she's buttblasted that he has a dragon fang