What are your thoughts on anime lesbians?

What are your thoughts on anime lesbians?

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I view all women as lesbians until proven otherwise. Anime is no exception, so it is a very broad question you are asking. I think women need to be in anime as they are about half of the population, but I don't ascribe any kind of constant personality traits to them other than selfishness and a complete lack of empathy for other people.

It disgusts me to no end, any kind of faggots are

>I view all women as lesbians until proven otherwise
This is only true in all-girl series.

I enjoy them

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It's no coincidence they're always the best girl.

Purest form of love.

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I self insert as them

Hand-crafted for cock

as long as they're nothing like irl lesbians

hate em, like all other lesbians

they aren't funny
they don't make my pp hard
why do they exist?

I don't get why this triggers people so much.

Cock correction.

Yuru Yuri
Nageki no Kenkou Yuuryouji (mute the last episode)

Pure eye candy.

End up liking them usually, often my favourite because they are bros. The angry man hating ones are always the worst though.
Feel like they get a lot of hate just because they are lesbians for whatever reason

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Japan hates all lesbos. Even Monkey is considered to be a fake lesbian.

they can be some of the most annoying and hated part of an anime. especially if one of them is a man hater. then i actively hope bad shit happens to her in the show

On the whole, it feels like writers put more effort into their characters than usual. Maybe because it's more of a new frontier with less to copy off of. Or because they feel the need to justify that abnormality to the audience, and are then forced to actually think about their deeper motivations. Or that the audience is far more critical on average, which scares off weaker writers. Maybe it's simply that, since the author is willing to challenge themselves by not writing a by-the-numbers romcom, they're just more willing to give a damn.

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I don't necessarily agree. If someone wants to write the yuri-equivalent of battle harems or isekai, they can easily make a CGDCT-style yuri series. That has a number of defined genre conventions and character archtypes.

>the audience is far more critical on average
I think this is interesting point in reards to CGDCT yuri because I would say that most harems/romcoms become hated by a large percentage of their audience by the end. In contrast, CGDCTs aren't usually hated by their audience. I wonder if it's because the audience is more critical or because of another factor.

I hope Extreme Hearts have lesbians


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sadly true, monkey is just a great character stuck in a harem series by a HACK author

Its kinda bland how many are just the token horndog character that never scores. Variety is the spice if life and all that

Would I sound like an omega-virgin if I asked what that means?


I prefer it when the target of their affection is not into it.

are there non-fake lesbians?

we need more of those

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Even though she's taking advantage of the mentally challenged?

thats even better

>it feels like writers put more effort into their characters than usual
I think this is true, but mostly it's just because they have to write two characters in a lesbian romance, whereas any straight romance in anime involves a male lead who's so bland he's not even a character (or if the series is shoujo the female lead is usually the bland non character while the male lead is an abusive asshole).


why does japan hate lesbos so much anyway?
they seem to be ok with gay faggots

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i love them
theyre always the best characters.

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They should be ubiquitous


cute OT3

I like yuri because the social dynamics of a female-female relationship are different from those of a male-female relationship and allow the writer to write about more controversial topics that wouldn't be socially acceptable for a heterosexual relationship.

I only know that they are hated by mentally ill schizo like this desuarchive.org/a/search/image/SWcf1zAM0twD_l3KkLcwWw/

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I want to have sex with them.

i want to have sex with them but on a separate girl

Fuck off tourist they're called yuri here

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The main reason why I'm watching anime these days.

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they need to become older women and prey on young girls goddammit

Old politician farts don't like anything gay, young Japanese don't give a shit about anything and most are fine with gays and lesbians. Like in most of the world really.

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They're great and should be more often the main character. No one bothers giving male leads a personality anymore anyway, so they should replace them with a cute girl which can choose from a larger pool of stock personalities.

we're talking about lesbians here, not wild beasts glaring and pouncing at each other

If you look closely you can faintly hear the Sicario OST playing.

I'm indifferent to them but Eruna is hot.

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You should go back to writing otherside

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OP's pic was a phase

what happens in 2d shouldn't and can't happen in 3d



I like them if they have an attractive, friendly personality. Mikagura is the only good magical battle high school anime largely because of Eruna.

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