Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru Omake TL

Continuing from last thread, and should some kind user repost the previous ones from last thread, itd be great. Starting from the last omake.

>morning on a day off
>adult kiritsugu tadashi
>you know, as of late
>(i havent) seen him smile
>tadashi-kun, one moment (sfx, chair clatters)
>what is it?
>face that way and sit down
>i shall give you a shoulder rub

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>>youre strength is good, and youre skilled.
>>there, feeling better?
>>thank you very much
>>next up is ear cleaning
>>no, that wont ne necessary
>>why not?
>>Im afraid that youll poke through my ear drum
>>then just a knee pillow is fine, right?!

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>>dont give me that (smug) look
>>arent you glad?
>>more than that, i am mortified.
>>there we go (sfx flattening. Ample)
>>youre glad now, right (sfx, breathing sound)

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>>there we go (sfx flattening. Ample)
>>youre glad now, right (sfx, breathing sound)

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thank you based user

>>hey! Dont just mess with me like that
>>cease youre obscenity, it is too early in the day
>>oh cmon, i was trying to make you laugh its because you werent smiling at all
>>... what?
>>its not that i meant to not smile
>>are your facial muscles dead? Just smile more often
>>thats hardly a problem, is it

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this is messed up a bit
think this skips the last line too

>>laugh damn you!
>>... Im not the ticklish type
>>you jerk!
>>should i give you a taste instead?
>>... actually, forget it.
>>oh hoh, i see youd rather be the one doing it. Here you go

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>retard laughing sound
>stop it! (sfx beep beep beep. Sounds of perhaps surrendering like with a whistle?)
>sfx heavy breathing
>d-dammit... Could you not do your damnest tickling me?
>dont roll around the floor like that like youre on the bed, at least take it to the bedroom...
>(sfx ring ring.) Oh, its meiko.
>hello. Yes, i am free to talk. (sfx breathing). Hmm?

When he said take it to the bedroom i think its ambiguous whether he meant they should take it to the bedroom or just her. His reaction suggests the former

Actually i left the lines from the next page in. I shouldnt bephoneposting but here i am.

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>i left the lines from the next page in
that, and there's four lines for five bubbles

>oh, im not hurt or anything! I was just fooling (flirting) around with tadashi-kun...
>youre gonna call back? Okay. See you later.
>why did you just tell her?!
>its not like were doing anything weird.
>but we were!
>hmmph, all you do is get mad.
>im just embarrassed, thats all. Even just smiling...
>youre embarrased to smile?
>would it please you to see my not so pleasant looking smile?
>i have never thought of it that way

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Thank you TL-kun. I like watching these lovable, now adult retards.

This dude is such a difficult person, wtf

At least he fucked her

>if youre smiling from joy
>i would be happy too
>i see
>sfx, smile
>the two have become a little more honest

Yeah i merged some bubbles so theres that. The lines from tadashi are put together. Rest assured i didnt miss a line.

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The texts here are harder for me to translate, but ill try. Hopefully some tl user can translate this page better.

>Aramon (short hand for title) newly wed version, is what ive come to call this. Speaking of which, these two are practically already married in my mind.
>unfortunately thats not something that i can just convey to anybody; so i figured ill just draw it, and i did just that.
>i would be glad if the main story could proceed according
>their relationship has changed slightly, and they have both grown. I hope youll look forward to the next chapter. - kinoshita yuuichi

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That's cute.

rough breeding hate sex

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Not the best translation for sure but the old thread died before i finished translating the last few pages. If an user would be so kind as to repost them here, im sure the other anons would be grateful. I would love to see more of these retards in the future.

Holy shit its back

I know this is monthly but is there a set date for the next chapter?

it's strange, with where this is technically placed in the story, it feels like they haven't changed at all. I guess the whole 'the core of who they are doesn't change' thing is what props up these extras, but it feels like they should've figured some of this shit out beforehand.

it was originally biweekly. i don't remember if there was any merit to the idea that it would be monthly now, but it wouldn't surprise me.
this chapter's raws posted on the second of the month, so i guess look for it on either the 16th or so, or the 2nd again.

ah, excuse me, i can't read.
next issue is scheduled for the sixth of june.

Theyre more honest for sure, but their core interactions havent changed too much. But what i have noticed from readinf the raw is that a lot of subtlety is harder to convey in english, but is much easier to spot in japanese. For example, tadashi tends to use many big words, but whrn hes flustered he has a verbal tick of ending his sentence with a shortstop sound (small つ for anyone interested). For tsubaki, she tends to sound more haughty (or elegant) when she is speaking with tadashi, but when she is upset she uses a brasher, boyish or perhaps childish voice (using ぞう, た, instead of のう, わ). She did not do so when on the phone with meiko, using a more casual tone. Im not sure if its just in the omake, as i havent read thw raw for the main stories, but these are very interesting cues that some may find interesting.

It's like that adult Takagi spin-off, where the characters act EXACTLY like they did during middle school.

I don't think many mangakas know how to properly "age" up a character's personality.

thanks user

>this chapter's raws posted on the second of the month
I posted the free portion of the chapter and another user was kind enough to purchase the paid portion and post that. If I can figure out how to make purchases on Yanmaga then I have no issue with getting the raw on 6/6 and dumping it.

According to found, it is available for free on that date, it seems?

i think it's always been monthly, hence from late 2018-early 2021 it only had 22 chapters.

i'm the user who purchased that chapter, i only registered my debit card number and it's that simple, i also use the same card for magapoke (i like to do terrace chapter dumping here) and bookwalker as well.

yeah the main chapters are posted here, looks like a month lag on making it free

the page has the dates that the old chapters were posted, they're all about two weeks apart

speaking styles are certainly the thing that is nearly impossible to translate effectively. you really have to double down on using weird words in english to really get it across.
i should know, i work on bisque. it's hell for that.

I knew he was a pitchad.

>they're all about two weeks apart
if you notice it's 2 parter, so it's one whole chapter but divided into two so they could release that biweekly on the online platform.
meanwhile for the magazine it was printed on paper, it's on young magazine the third which was a monthly manga (before it got merged with other magazine)

oh yeaaaah. forgot about that idiosynchrasy. only time i think i've seen that.

Thanks again for purchasing and posting. I just couldn't find the place to put my debit information in at. I was able to figure out Bookwalker easily though, I'll have to go back and dump the rest of the extras from volume 2 and 3 - since all I dumped were the newlywed extras. There's all sorts of little bonuses.

cute dorks
I'd say there's definitely some changes to how they interact, I couldn't see the highschool versions doing most of that stuff. They're both much gentler and also seem to know their weaknesses

My condolences lmao that oughtta be hell.

teenage pregnancy arc please


So they're still like this in the future.

>it feels like they haven't changed at all
I don't view it that way at all. There's no way current Tsubaki would ever be so honest about simply wanting to see more of Tadashi's smile, and Tadashi outright telling Tsubaki to put on a uniform instead of a naked apron in the other omake.

It's pretty clear they have a better understanding of one another, and they just kind of enjoy their game of cat and mouse.

Here's the volume 1 omake with the translation user provided last thread.
>I'm home
>wh- what?
>oh, welcome home
>fufu, what is the matter?

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>what is this obscenity?!
>I was feeling a little hot (Sfx phew. Boing)
>this immodest naked apron... No men will not be driven crazy
>i shall ruin what remains of your sanity! (Sfx: fidget, fidget. Pull)

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>that kintaro-esque outfit is simply fantastic! (probably some character from childens story)
>no wait, this was meant to be a lewd getup...
>lewd?! Are you not being shallow?
>Oil or steam is very dangerous. Furthermore, isn't making food while naked just unhygienic?! Simply preposterous!!
>sfx disappointment
>which is why...

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>which is why you need change... In the bedroom... So you don't get sick
>into something like a... A uniform
>y-yes... A uniform?
>w-w-why did I end up with this shitty glasses?! (hah? Impossible!)
>it will be up to these two for this to happen

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I assume this is the folktale that Kiritsu is referring to.

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And here's the volume 2 omake, thanks again to the user who translated this.
>on a certain day-off
>grown-up kiritusugu tadashi
>today... Ill definitely be making him
>push me down (grown-up kuchinashi tsubaki
>scooting sound

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>pomf (sitting down)
>simply make him take me
>youre awfully close
>not really

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>i was absorbed by the book. Would you like to head out?
>dont really wanna go out though
>i see
>i dont have a place i want to go, but...
>i was thinking maybe we could get physical instead
>what say you, kiritsugu-kun?

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>what an obscene thing to say this early in a day...
>oh hoh
>i was talking about working out together, you know...?

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Why did this go on break again? Was the author pregnant

>i got him!
>may i ask what you meant by obscene thing?
>well i guess i might have used some poor word choices (glance) but if thats what you want, then i guess theres no helping it
>come! Push me down

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Yep, baby also had some compliance that needed surgery, all better now though

>wait, i need to calm myself down
>y-you dont have to calm down, ok
>its as youve said, i was having impure thoughts
>so what, were newly wed afterall (!)
>thats exactly why i have to control myself
>its our day off. You know youre feeling it too. Cmon (press press)

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>im going to calm myself down!
>im right in front of you! How could you do that?
>no, you shouldnt have to put up with me
>you simply wanted to exercise with me, i cant have you do that because of my misunderstanding. I cant manipulate you because of my lust
>being husband and wife means mutual respects, which is why i absolutely must calm myself!
>after that we may go work out

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>i want you to be kind, respectful and manipulative to me!
>t-thats incredibly difficult
>dont do it alone. I wanna do it together
>fine! Lets go to the bedroom instead!
>tsubaki, wanting to be pushed down, clung on with her life.

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I can respect his integrity.

So that's why he was shocked at , the pattern where they bang was subverted.

It does confirm that he does, in fact, masturbate.

>Kiritsu gets upset about being cockblocked
For once, he's incredibly relatable.

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At some point, I'll have to compile and label all the little extras at the end of certain chapters from the tanks. This one from chapter 17 seemed particularly amusing, simply because it's after Tsubaki blew Tadashi up with all the pictures.

There are quite a few that focus on him, which is pretty interesting to see since Tsubaki is the main focus.

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it could be some dorky meditation under a cold shower thing, I could absolutely see him doing it even then