Anime was a mistake

Anime was a mistake

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Why isn't her pout as cute from that angle?

I'm more ofended by the lack of pout than the lack of pantyshot.

You're only realizing this now?

there are so many cuckoo threads and nobody's watching it

they got the wrong voice for best girl sachi

both are wrong. couldn't he model this shot before drawing it?

Fucking soulless trash.

Thank you Bilibili for your sponsorship money

Holy butchered batman

>manga didn't understand how phone camera perspectives work
>anime changed the angle and still didn't understand
I hate it.

It isn't avaliable in billbill. Did Crunchyroll hate panties?

Need you even ask?

I thought America would allow bikinis for they are not Islams, unlike China, who are religionless Islam. America considers freedom as their most important virtue. 9 times higher Freedom house score than China.

nigga it's not 2005 anymore

Is Freedom house score not accurate now?

ass get bigger while tablet get smaller

Not available in Billbill, though. Crunchyroll would allow bikini unlike Billbill for they are from Free nation. Pic semi related.

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no puffiness in the cheeks


literally can't get away with anything now

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no butt hugging allowed

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How is it possible for adaptations to consistently fuck up copying a drawing this often? Why is it always inferior in the anime?

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Glad this type of japanese humor is dead. It's not funny.

No head turn

Will Swimsuit episode be animated at least? Only Japan can have swimsuit episode in fiction... while Korean webtoon bans bikini. If they cut swimsuit episode, they are not different from Korea.

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I'm ok with this kind of adaptations, animeonlies should eat shit

It will still appear in BD. Those japs have become the jews now.

I thought Japan would be tolerate to bikini outfit for their freedom house score of 96...while Korea bans bikini from their webcomics. but is Freedom house wrong?

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Why would they do that?

America was a mistake

Sachi pantyshot will save the day!

I thought America would allow bikini unlike China and Korea. America isn't that Islam. America is the nation of Freedom. America considers Freedom the most important virtue.

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Oh you naïve child.


>took sponsorship money from Chinese commies
>surprised at the amount of censorship

You niggers deserve it.

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Not available in Billbill. And How about crunchyroll?

Was America just a White China with Guns?

They nerfed the marshmellow-ness of the girls

Buy the manga get a clue it's not hard

three leaf anger vein is not as cute as four leaf

Modern anime is a mistake

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Your favorite idol franchise?

That's because you're a faggot that guzzles cum.


I hope all cumbrains and moeshitter suffer eternally

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Ok trannie.

It's not government censorship, but self-censorship PC from social pressure. Stuff like that never makes it to the surveys.

Will Swimsuit episode of manga get animated though? Freedom house index of 96 isn't a show.

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You are a homosexual highschooler, it doesn't matter what you hope for because you will always be a faggot.

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Is America a White Islam without hood and with gun now?

VGH... United American Emirates...

>religionless Islam
That doesn't even make sense

>homosexual highschooler,
Says the faggot complaing about the lack of pantyshots in seasonal garbage, only highschoolers and faggots watch this shit.

So why don't we have panty shots in anime anymore again? What happened? Nips don't like panty shots anymore?

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Remember when anime is all lgbt steven universe shit that you asked for it.

Nips have always been a prude society if you go back to Ozu films they don't even show people kissing and as late as Takeshi Kitano films, the fan service prominent in anime was always an anamoly and was not targeted at standard nip audience but rather at outcast otakus.


>Yea Forums back then
>Yea Forums today
>insert any unrelated PC comments.
2016 was a mistake.

Get the fuck out and kill yourself, Yea Forumstard.

Yea Forums loves shitty fan service

thanks to streaming lewder uncensored/director's cut releases are becoming less and less now

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did they really greenlit this for a 2-cour?

Only Yea Forumstards embraced c--mer and any shitty variations then try to force them on Yea Forums with other retarded cancer tourists where it's the most unwelcome.

Yea Forums was raging when sony censored that shitty anime game, Yea Forums is all for fan service.

>people like you are more annoying than the people you complain about
no we don't
that's the typical gaslighting template by big companies, i don't know why you're trying to push it here too

>ur just as bad hurr
Kill yourself, retarded cancer. We're not letting what happened to games repeat itself.

not that user but you're the one who sounds more like a homo than the one who wants to see pantyshots from girls

Remind me where c--mer came from. Oh, right, it was Yea Forums after a shitcord raid and cancer everywhere embraced it.

>thread about pantyshot censorship getting shitposted with off-topic discussions by some group

>take ur meds
>opposing this shit is Yea Forums
Get the fuck out and kill yourself, retarded tourist.

Just how fucking small his hands are?