My Dress-Up Darling

Why did they leave out Marin's tongue ring in the anime?

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Because it's ugly and disgusting.

If that was the reason then they shouldve left out Marin entirely and made the love interest juju.

Instead they left out your taste.

like most piercings they can be taken out and put back at a later time so long as you don't allowed the hole to close up

I had a friend who took out a tongue piercing and that shit closed up overnight. Not kidding.

maybe their bodies are telling them something...

Stop being mean to my cute and beautiful wife marin.

Good. Nature correcting their stupidity.

Yeah it's almost like shoving metal under your collar bones and literally everything mentioned in isn't the human body's idea of a good time

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I love Marin's pantyshots so much

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There is literally only one reason any girl gets a tongue piercing for but I doubt any of the virgins here know what it is.

yeah, so cryptic, you're really unique for knowing a tongue-stud feels good during sloppy head

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he's the one giving head, that's how he knows

I love Marin..

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I don't get it. Yea Forums and Japs get autistic about the dumbest things.

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Revulsion is a natural reaction to revolting things.

>My Dress-Up Darling

:( im sad they did

no one will ever know what a bisque doll is

If Gojou decided to keave sex fir marriage would Marin oblige?

she would immediately marry then

I love starcraft!

>Space Marin
I'm laughing like a fucking idiot.

Drinking milk IS not good for you

Ahh now I know what shes missing.

they don't know what tongue scrappers are, so it's very rare to find a red-colored tongue in nipland

>My Dress-Up Darling
That's not the name of the series.

I want more anime girls with nipple piercings

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Mouth tissue in a healthy person heals 30 times faster than all other body tissue.

looks like i dropped seikon no qwaser too early

What tastes better: cat or baby?

That one just looks dumb

it's magic and seals her titty powers or something

Does that shit make blowjobs better or worse?

dem Gojou arms tho

Probably depends. I thought it was weird and it felt better once she took it out.

The only good piercings are nipple piercings, ear piercings are ok if they're very large dangling ones, not just a big hoop though

Is marin a used good? If not what's the proof?

something something dilating

Gojou sees this 24/7

From 0 to 10, how much Gyaru Marin is ???

Why can't people just call it kisekoi like Japanese?

i have never met a girl with upper-ear piercings who would not, at minimum, throat your cock on the first date.

How does one acquire Marin GF?

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true. I accidentally bit my tongue hard yesterday and it bled everywhere but it's already healed today and i can't even feel the throbbing pain anymore.

>You will never have cute pure gyaru autist GF like Marin
Why we must suffer

Kill yourself

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Imagine the rimming

How to be a tall, traditional, perfectionist man like Gojou, bros....

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why do you think the poor man can barely finish a sentence?


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he's what, 5'10? that may be tall in japan but it's literally average height for a white guy in most of the west.

The last time i feel depressed after watching/reading romcom was School Rumble.
Tried every romcoms out there, didnt got the same feeling

Until i watched Sono Bisque.....

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Im 170

How is that considered a slut/whore thing to do in Japan?

Its just unusual in Asian countries in general, so they find it weird.

i don't know. They're just fucked in the head. Vile people

Depressed because the truth is that most people, most disgusting normal fag shitstains on Twitter, most Japs are evil fuckers who just want to destroy anything nice in the world. Happiness, not even in your dreams.


You only get tongue studs for a reason, user.

But it's true. Just look at Yea Forums.