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destroy tans

It's a mug.

Good thread

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She's so small.

I guess people aren't in the mood for nyan

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it's sad

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Imagine jamming with her.

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built for fucked-up violent misogynous group sex and forced impregnation

She doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

she would rather be rehearsing

Seductive cat.

Cat abuse!

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>tfw no fish

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>high school girl


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A cat is fine too. For headpats.

I just haven't noticed the thread until now

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My catwife is so slender and elegant...

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Perfect for cuddles

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I like imagine and self insert myself as Ritsu's younger brother and be molested by all keions including my elder sister


Truer words have never been said

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It's cup, not nyan.

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>her stature is petite with minimal curves
>101 lbs

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which one of you did this

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What's she thinking about?

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Why is she naked?

Clothing inhibits the ability to create music.

>Dear Diary. I am cold.

Does anyone have the drawing of Azusa where the angle is from her hips looking up through her shirt while she is looking down at you? I swear I had it but can't find it.
I will trade cats for it

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What kind of outfit it that? Some weird one piece shirt and shorts combo with some leggings underheath?

She cleans asshole with tongue instead of using toilet paper.


>tfw don't want to start s2 because i don't want the show to end

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>is the ONLY good Azusa doujin
Why must we suffer so?

shame that the artist and the editor had a fallout, it's just not the same anymore. the soft shading and coloring really made the difference.

Azusa is fap bait, I'm glad we have finally reached a consensus

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