How many years would you last before your brain broke?

How many years would you last before your brain broke?

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Since I'm already broken and have just lived once I'd say not a lot.

I'd enjoying sex and kill myself in a painless way every summer

I've been in a loop for just as long except I'm aging. I've seen this thread a thousand times.

Rika is small time.

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Realistically, unless you're being tortured to death every loop, how long until you just dont care anymore?

>every day is the same
>nothing you do changes how things go in the end
Guys I think I might be looping already.

I am unbreakable!

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Can we stop having Rika threads and instead have a Satako thread instead?

If the objective is to save Satoko from damnation as a witch I would do it.

>casually salvages your shitty sequel
You're welcome!

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Please read Ciconia

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The series that'll never be finished because covid happened? Why bother?

>koshka lab scene
sasuga dragon knight

How many times did I get to sniff Rika?

A polished turd is still a turd.

But enough about Eua!

If I ever got to beg and plead with a goddess that would give me looping powers I would ask that I always be in the same fragment as Satoko, the girl I'd be trying to save. How this would work is if she were to die I would have a heart attack on the spot always waking up at the same moment she does in the next timeline.

I would figure it out and shank the culprit way before that

>Infinity to do whatever you like without consequence

Never? I'm more likely to lose my mind realizing I'm stuck in a slowly rotting body that will die one day and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

>raping satoko and the other girls every day
a while probably

lmao she probably said that line with her mature voice, right? In retrospect it's hard to imagine the gang didn't find there was something seriously wrong with her every time.

If I ever got to beg and plead with Euasama I would just beg to be her slave.

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>her mature voice
wew lad

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I would massage her so well, she would definitely feel my boner. Unless she told me to stop, then I would refrain from poking her with it, but this is a likely method of torture she would use. Have you naked with a boner rubbing oil on her naked body while she eats cream puffs watching Satoko murder her friends. The last time you tried anything funny she flipped *it* inside out and threatened to keep it that way if you tried it again

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Good taste.

I love Euasama

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Nope, with her kid voice if you use the console voices.

>Things happen differently every time
>Doesn't remember her deaths
The worse part about it is that you have to constantly hear/say the same stuff again and again. You told your friend about a new TV show airing? Not in this loop you didn't. Tell him again.

i want to but it's also depressing to think about how nothing in future WTCs will top umineko. umineko is just so fucking special, i love that it exists but it also sets an impossible bar for everything else going forward.
i really wish i could read it for the first time again.
also what the other user said. higurashi and umineko had very consistent releases when they were ongoing. ciconia phase 1 will soon pass its three-year anniversary with nothing else.

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Why Rika adult voice make pp>PP?

Rika would probably be pretty cool to hang out with as an actual friend. Imagine walking home and getting roasted by this the whole time.

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Rika would sit in your lap, wiggle her butt and call you a pervert for getting hard, the threaten to scream if you don't give her what she wants right there.
You know what she wants. Some booze.

I dripped Umineko midway through the eighth chapter. Should I pick it up again?

If Lambda is your favorite character, it's definitely worth it. The second half of Twilight has some amazing characterization and moments for her.

Do I get to be the little girl?

No, Umineko ended in chapter 6

It's bad.

No, it's bad too. Lambda is pretty cool in it though.

About four minutes.

If I had Hanyuu as company, I would have killed myself instantly.

go away footfag

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Fuck off retarded underage nigger? Fuck off from Yea Forums

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Rika won again

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I won't ever read anything written by Dragonknigga ever again, fuck him

Why the fuck would you drop something when you're 15/16th in, it seems fucking retarded.

Anyone with half a brain would have solved the loop after like 2 or three times. If you're real smart maybe you could even get it in one without ever dying.
The only issue is, without retarded plotarmor magic bullshit it might actually be impossible to get out.
That's potentially a much bigger loop, so it wouldn't feel as restrictive. But it's still a loop.
Also Hanyuu is obviously evil and might fuck with you if you escaped too easily.

Based Sotsugou understander.

i see umineko related thread i upvote

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Fucking Rika in an endless loop

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The perfect onahole


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