The Art of Simping

> Ch. 1-5

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Dumping Chapter 6.

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Last page.
To be continued.

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I like it lol

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It's garbage and traced but that gives it a lot of charm in my opinion. Sometimes you want to mindlessly consume garbage just for fun.

Only the cover is traced faggot

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I like chill scenes like this where they're just waking up and doing hygiene stuff

LMFAOOOOOOOO my man drawed deku and called him a simp



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this is actually kinda cool is it traced?

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Some of the worst art I've ever seen

Some of the best art I've ever seen

This, don't go bragging about your "manga" unless you actually got the art to back it up.
Check out the Radiant manga by a French guy, that's how you do it.

Radiant is trash compared to teKINO

Radiant's art: 5/10
Radiant's story: 0/10

oh shit actually a kinda cool pose

when's the next chapter?

>User Created
I really don't know why they'd do this.

>art of simping
Is this western made or what?

Thought it was from Japanese Twitter
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