Drunken Slavs are a danger to society.

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>almost murdered Twilight
>only thing that stopped her was a broken heel

>Woman can't control herself after a few drinks
>OMG guyse, soo original and funny
Literally kill yourself

Yor is asian.

Her brother's name is Yuri and their family recipe is borscht.

Live Action when?

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Keep seething,

>no argument
>so mad he can't even end his sentences properly
That's what what I thought.

reddit x family

>they hire Japs to play Germans

Damn, Slavic girls look like this?

Peanuts suck
Carrots FTW

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loid is white though. Yor is fine but need bigger tiddies

You must be a femanon or a faggot to not understand the point is how hot she is drunk.

a toast to a shitposting free thr-

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>You must be a femanon
He will never be a femanon.

>see the manga
>read the summary and think it looks like shit
>see an artist talking about this while drawing on stream
>decide to give it a shot
>its really good
what the fuck.

She's from Nielsberg and her maiden name is Briar. What kind of Asian country has those names amerilard?

Very asian.

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welcome aboard user
Sylvia best girl

does she ever go barefoot in the manga?

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Yes. That’s why I need to correct drunken female Slavs, even at the cost OF MY OWN LIFE.

He probably just thinks she looks like your typical anime girl with long black hair who knows martial arts, which is true. But dark hair is found everywhere, Europe included.

Why is he taking her out on a date? That seems to go beyond his necessary duties.

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No. Hang yourself footnigger.


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Quite the rep he has.

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Yoru-chan's not asian though.

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In order to fool the neighbors into thinking that they're actually marrried

>That seems to go beyond his necessary duties.
The entire last episode was beyond his necessary duties. Which makes me wonder, what if Loid and Yor found out they work for different sides? Would they choose love and family over duty?

He takes her out on a date every sunday.
He refuses to work on other missions on this day.
He will dodge the question when asked about it
Even Anya can see that he isn't telling the whole truth about it.

All for the sake of world peace.

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Why is Anya a tranny ?

No, but she should. Based footchad

She's pretty cute when she's drunk.

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Yor isn't asian either

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mald faggot

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>Yor isn't asian
Where did this retarded meme come from? She clearly has asian features.

Justification that he's keeping the daughter happy so she doesn't spill the beans, its vital toward keeping secrecy.

Such as?

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At first I thought it was unnecessary to drag out the castle chapter but WIT really pulled it off.


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Thought this was supposed to be east germany?

Are you blind?

Name them or stop posting.

fuzzman is a top tier bro.

What artist?

Not really. The east in this show isn't really a good commie analog beyond talks of secret police.

>black hair
>slanted eyes

The part of his brain filled with Spy Autism is losing ground. Even if ever so slightly.

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>autism stops a woman from being able to find a man
Most unrealistic shit I've ever seen in my entire life

Why aren't you?

You're making it sound like he loves her and wants to be with her.

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>>no argument

she's not amazing or anything, but I like her streams.

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tasukete loidoman

Feet are not sexy. Stop.

>black hair
not an asian exclusive feature
>slanted eyes
what? she generally has big eyes, she only gets "slanted" eyes when serious and the same shit happens with Loid or even Anya when she does the smug face.

>Where did this retarded meme come from?
From the manga, Her last name is briar, her brother has a russian name, her family recipe is a slavic dish and they come from a place named "Nielsberg". There is literally nothing in her background that says that she is oriental, nobody ever mentions anything about her looking like a foreigner in the entire manga.

Does anyone have the translation for the rest of the LN?

>popular BAD
Get a real personality faggot, this is why nobody likes you.

There are Germans with slanted eyes, what is your excuse now?

Impossible. All he wants is world peace, that's all

>what if Loid and Yor found out they work for different sides? Would they choose love and family over duty?
Oh, I guess she is an assassin for the east germany analog and he is a spy for west germany so technically enemies.

hasnt the recent fanbook basically ended this dumb "yor is asian" shit after the axeman mentioned that her original name was yoranda because he tought it was a slavic name but eventually it got shortered to "Yor" because it was easier to put in the dialogue bubbles?

When will you cunts run out of things to post?

But the dates... taking Sunday off just for her...

What part of the word "best" did you fail to understand Mr. ESL

>Germans with slanted eyes
Epicanthic folds can be found in Germans, nordics and specially slavs which are around 2-10% mongoloid.
Yor doesn't has "slanted" eyes anyway, her eyes are quite huge

Stop being jealous, fiona. It's all for the mission.


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yor is ALWAYS blushing very cute

Newfags will always say she looks asian because she "reads" as asian in anime terms. You can't argue if she looks asian or not facially because anime characters largely do not look particularly asian either.

I'm not jealous, dumbass. I'm envious. Envy is wanting what someone else has.

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He'll probably choose family. If the recent manga chapters indicate anything, the guy desperately needs a family to be there for him. Anya got mega lucky with Loid and Yor. Yor at least has Yuri.

I guess they are China-type commies


>Yor is as flat as a board

I think too many people perceive slavs as blue eye'd blondes.

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