Fairy Tail

Kirin versus the world!

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rest in peace dragon mommy

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>You're next Fairy Tail

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If the labyrinth didn't shift when it did, Kirin would've lost. Chalk another win up for CHADxus.

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I just wanna know who's in the coffin. Acno? August? Someone else?

Zeref maybe

>leave Ignia to me

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Remember when these guys were suppose to be equal to dragon gods?

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Suzuku and Kirin are still going at least, but the two in the middle can join Madmole and Skullion in the job squad.

I see that after Senku brought Ace to his world, they somehow fused together.

didn't the girl tie with erza?

erza won because shes erza

she's down too
it's a tie

erza was down at the beginning of the fight, the fact that she got back up and beat misaki is because shes simply erza

Post your favorite crackship

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science, bitch!

CHADxus and best girl.

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CHADxus would have fulfilled Lucy's sexual need unlike Natsu

you sure about that?

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>Nalufags want to see confirmation for their ship
>reveals that Lucy is on the same level as the others in harem
kek and I have seen many copes about this picture.

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She'll be fine. Just a scratch.

I wouldnt be surprised if she didnt die, she would be gone too soon.

Their ten babies will be cute and strong.

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example of cope :

No cope needed. Beautiful and heart-warming.

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If the Edolas members are all opposites of each other, does that mean Earthland's Natsu and Lucy's daughter will be the meek one, and Gray and Juvia's son will more upfront?

Crackships uh?

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>Lucy is on the same level as the others in harem
Are you trying to say that Wendy is a slut?

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>Leave The Dragon Gods to me

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I rabu Lucy.

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>the same level as the others in harem
So Cana is a slut? Got it

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That’s not Happy

Cana, Lucy, Erza, Wendy - all confirmed pure.
Strauss siblings - THUNDERCOCKED.

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So, that's what she mean.
What a lewd little girl

Very intense sex with Rogue.

Yukino,calm down

>EZ Happy
Not the same Happy

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Please don't besmirch the beautiful Yukino's name.

Wendy is cute, not lewd

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I wonder if we will see her in EZ.

Sekusu Wendy


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I'm shattered he dropped out of the top handful in the new 100YQ poll.

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All me

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Proof? I didn't see them being affected by Larcade's spell

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So, when are we getting a confirmation on panel?

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Basically Natsu with everybody

I fucking SEX Wendy

Fucking panty slut
She loves it doggystyle
She likes getting her cervix smashed
Aaaaaaaaagh Wendy sex SEX


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Sex with Gray.

I want to have rough sex with Natsu

>EZ version
How do you think she would be?

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Not now Juvia

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Hopefully evil.

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Would they animate the omakes?

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What basis does Mashima have for Mira being attracted to Natsu? Let alone Cana being into Natsu.
That's a hack move.

No fucking idea, and I don’t expect an explanation either

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