Happy Mother’s Day! :D

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Shhh we don’t talk about that

am I the only person here who doesn't have a female caregiver complex?

/SS/ with Misato!

Technically in Shinji's case it would not be /ss/ because Shinji is not technically a shota.

So Misato is more of an ephebophile than a true pedophile.

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Honestly it can be argued it was grooming but it’s not true ephebophilia/pedophilia since she didn’t actually feel true attraction to him.

Eh, I think a part of her wanted to fuck him. Maybe not all of her, but a part of her did. She clearly appreciates him deeply and sex is how she tends to express her affection.

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Their personalities go well together. Shinji's seriousness is brighten up a bit with Misato's happy demenoar, and Misato's crazyness benefit from his down to earth personality. Maybe when Shinji turns 18, they could have gave it a shot. 4 years pass fast.

>Their personalities go well together
I don't entirely agree with this. They seem to get along well only when they don't have bad time. Shinji didn't comfort Misato when she was grieving about Kaji's death and you already know what Misato said to him after Kaworu's. Also Shinji's bit of a dick when you live with him for awhile. He clearly showed his dislike towards Misato's bad habits. If Toji and Kensuke hadn't told him, he'd probably still be cranky about that

it kinda comes off like that's how her & ritsuko got along in college

Nah I disagree. Unlike the other user I don’t think they go well enough together to ship, and even if they did that’s still a weird ship bc of their relationship

But for the grieving, that’s not bc they don’t care about each other, that’s bc of their issues. Shinji’s too self loathing and mopey to realize that going and giving Misato a hug would be good. Misato, by episode 24, was bitter and hardened over Kaji’s death so she couldn’t give Shinji the comfort he needed

Misato would make an absolutely horrible mom.
She can't even be a guardian properly.

I remember some voice actor lady talking about how she liked the innocence of shota and used shinji as an example, I've been trying to find it for a few months, so you'll have to take my word for it

Misato takes the nastiest shits

i think a lot of people forget how much of a judgemental little prick shinji can be. though some of it is just him turning inwards and not trying to understand someone else's behavior, so often times he just sees the superficial without someone else to prod him into mulling it over.

Yeah Shinji’s not a bad kid per se, but his tendency to withdraw and assume shit leads him to make wrong assumptions sometimes

There’s a hint of this in how he views Gendo, explicitly refusing to understand his father’s motivations (though given what Gendo put him through that’s actually fair)

I do think there's a scenario where Shinji and Misato both survive Third Impact, both go through the cycle of realization in Death & Rebirth, and then they both meet at the end of it, and there's a chance they can have real, genuine love for each other. Whether that's mother-son love or romantic love.

Something I always wonder is, what if it was HER on the beach at the end of EoE? Her, instead of Asuka? What would Shinji have done?

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Post his real mom

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Uhhh, I would hope it’s mother son

If it were her on the beach at the end tho…Idk actually. I’m sure he resented her too, but it can’t have been as bad as his anger towards the redheaded devil

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Shinji is a bad example of innocence, he's fourteen and already jaded and suicidal from his messed up life. Besides that he coomed on Asuka like a creep as soon as he had the opportunity to do so.

fans the world over just think of shinji as the little meek innocent kid because he's quiet and withdrawn even though that's not his personality in the show at all.

You’re not wrong about Shinji being jaded and miserable and shit but the hospital scene wasn’t so much him gleefully taking an opportunity he’d been seeking as a very desperate kid doing something very wrong-he himself says “I’m so fucked up”

It’s still horrific either way

He is kind of like that sometimes, but people too readily ignore his more selfish tendencies

a better example would be him staring at her tits in the sync episode

Misato is probably my favorite female character in all of fiction, but I don't really see an easy path to her and Shinji in a relationship. A good writer could get there, but it is a bit of a stretch.

When she deliberately provoked him by getting down next to him on the futon?

She did pretty good against a whole shady organization, a UN army and holy abominations for a single human
This is how your mother kisses you in Europe

This is a Mommy Misato thread not a Mommy GF Misato thread

>not Mommy GF

You really can't escape the latter with Shinji and Misato. At least in the original series.

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Asuka is for SUFFERING


There's also the candid POV shots that show up in EoE, albeit obscured.

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Best Girl.

I will never not find it funny how much Misato unapologetically does not give the slightest fuck about Asuka. When she's having her bathroom meltdown and in clear need of parental guidance, Misato's just staring at the bathroom with a "Can you shut the fuck up?" face.

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She can't see herself and her father in Asuka the way she can with Shinji.

Serves her right

Shinji is a little cunt.
I hated him so much the first time I watched eva I had to drop it for a while and come back to it later.
Like he's absolutely just a little entitled jerk. Which is the point. He's supposed to be a supremely fucked up human being.

There's a >vtuber that does this. Not sure if it's what you're thinking of.

This is what happened when you listen to fujos

Fuck this fatherless bitch.

it could've been me

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When does he ever act like a massive cunt outside of End of Evangelion?

>how motherts kiss sons in europe
From Czech republic, can confirm


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I hate my mother because she ruined my life!
not even 14 btw

I want her to molest me so bad

Based Euros. I won't ever call you Eurofags again.

He didn't visit or call Toji after Bardiel's incident. We all know why Shinji acted like that but still

Yes, you will call them that again.

draw fag here gimmie a pose to draw misato on for mother day pls

spreading her pussy for shinji while saying "Well, did you forget about mother's day?"

The real creeps sound like Misato noting stuff about Shinji being dirty but shy and eager to please because he doesn't want to go back to the shed his previous owners kept him in.

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files.catbox.moe/2f45w6.png also bump