Could Yor kill Mikasa?

Could Yor kill Mikasa?

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Can Mikasa kick a moving car weighing a ton several meters away from her? Can Mikasa tank and dodge bullets? Mikasa can't even slice Titan Armor even at EOS.

So is the SxF fanbase going to be shounentards pretending their cast is infallible from now on or is this going to stop after a few months?

Comedy manga characters are stronger than shonen manga characters

kaguya could unironically kill yor within minutes

>pre-timeskip mikasa
>post-timeskip mikasa

>Can Mikasa kick a moving car weighing a ton several meters away from her?
>Can Mikasa tank and dodge bullets?
Also yes
>Mikasa can't even slice Titan Armor even at EOS
Neither can Yor.

Do you have proof of an inhuman strength feat from Mikasa?

Why don't you actually read/watch the series? You clearly haven't seen it.

You're very persistent.

Isayama already killed her in last chapters

Yor eventually tanks a fucking car and barely acknowlegdes it happened
Yor stomps

Stomps what?

>Can Mikasa kick a moving car weighing a ton several meters away from her?
>Can Mikasa tank and dodge bullets?
dodge, probably. tank, absolutely not.
this isn't really a fair fight.

They seem kinda equal to me. Though Mikasa has more muscle mass whereas Yor's strength is superhuman.

Bitching isnt evidence. Mikasa is super human since she is an Ackerman, but Yor is beyond that

>So is the SxF fanbase going to be shounentards
It's literally a shounen, what did you expect?


Yor is so much better than Mikasa anyway.
>bigger tits
>bigger ass
>not a whore
all mikasa has is trooner vibes. she gets absolutely mogged by Yor, no questions asked.

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Yuri, your sister wishes she was this perfect

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>Spy x Family: Comedy
>SNK: Shonen
Comedy characters>>>Shonen Characters

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Does this mean Sonya is the better assassin?

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Of course

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it’s decidedly less serious than typical shounen, and I don’t think it appeals to boys either

Manface uggo

Yes I could just poison her

Bertolt guides her

Yor is cute but
>no abs

stfu isayama

Decapitate his stepbrother and kiss him in front of a 2000 yo loli

It's time to stop user, Mikasa is not relevant anymore, her time was 2013 and that's it, forgotten like the rest of SNK

Mikasa is a cultural icon.


>less serious than typical shounen
You retard, one thing is battle shonen and the other shonen

Dementia confirmed.

Can Mikasa even fight? Most of the time she gets the win via getting the drop on her opponents.

Yeah, this user truly is a schizo

That looks like a handsome dude.

I am NOT crazy!

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fucking shit character, it'd be a mercy.

Miko > Mikasa

Kill yourself, narutard.

Kaguya can kill Yor's sanity when she revealed she had premarital sex at such young age.

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What a handsome bloke

>not a whore
How so?
Never read SnK, but I know Eren dies like a cuck and she gets her own family eventually.
Is it stated who she marries or is it some random like that one on the farm?

I was talking about the rom com you shounentard

it's only implied

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top is just plastic surgery roast

Spy x family is a shounen manga

It's a toss-up.


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Let me see how Yor can handle titans first.

They're just jealous that a woman is more based and strong than them.
Or they are just envious roasties.

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