Machikado Mazoku

Joshua's voice is deeper than I thought it'd be.

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Mazoku girl

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Chances are its a fake voice

He comes out of the box, talks deep for a few seconds, clears his throat a few times, and then talks in a shota voice. Even his outfit is shota as fuck, with the suspenders. He'll have a more Shamiko like voice in season 3 for that one scene.

I don't think they originally picked the narrator voice with him in mind, but I'd check if the narrator has played any shota characters in case.

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It'd be hilarious if he keeps his voice as a shota. Shirozawa's voice was already hilarious enough as it is.

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>Shamiko always asks for poppin ice
>Watch new episode
>She asks for ice cream monoka
is this a plot hole?

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Poppin ice is quite a bit cheaper. She's already for a lot more this time around.

take it easy, shamiko

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poppin ice always lets her share it, which is probably why she likes it.

Ancestor's doll form is peak moe.

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How does this make you feel, Shamianon?

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Its basically a Shamisheep
The way the logic in this story is consistent is nice. Momo has no idea what Lilith looks like, so she just designed something that looks like Shamiko but slightly different. Which is why its just white Shami.

Elated that they are getting closer and closer, wearing the same clothing style means they are in a relationship.

Too flat

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I've never watched this show, but there's a SHOTA? Does he show up often or is it usually just cute girls?

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Shamiko's father(currently in jail)(has two children)

They're a tribe of lolibaba or shortstack demons.

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user I...
He shows up from episode 1, but only to do voiceover because he's in whackass cardboard prison

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Between Joshua and Shirosawa it's fair to conclude that Ito had a fetish deep-voiced men.

>draw a shamiko
>make it tiny
>call it an ancestor vessel
what a cheap way to avoid drawing new designs

Quiet you.

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>draw a shamiko
>make it shota
>call it dad

>draw Shamiko, but flat
>change horn a little
>save as Joshua
>change horn a little more
>calls it Lilith
I agree.

Why does her henshin look like a Mirinda commercial?

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In the manga the Yoshiro dolls have huge tits

In the anime they're mostly flat

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JC STAFF have a thing for flatties.

Why does Shamiko look lewder in Momo's dress than in Kiki Kanri form?

Just imagine Momo molding all of the naughty bits.

Momo knows every part of Shamiko's body in order to sculpt it perfectly.

Momo plays with horse shit.

many such cases

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Magical girls typically weren't designed to be buxom. Their outfits aren't typically designed for flat only content. A lowcut top like that, her Shamikos will spill out all over the place. Her kiki kanri outfit was made so that her Shamis can't spill out because they're free-range.

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I feel like the anime version fits the cutesy nature of it better, no need for big cans on a tiny adorable doll.

She designed them to look like Shamiko. You think details shouldn't exist because you can't appreciate them, but such a small detail like that has its own particular meaning. Its the stuff that gets changed like that, that changes the flavor of the story very slightly. The details are the flavor of the soup.

Is that why Seiko had to retire?

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I wouldn't describe them as mostly flat, she clearly has some boobage. The bulky robe just hides them. It's natural for the manga designs to be more detailed, people get way too autistic about this

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Post the tummy pretty please


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Uga has great ahoge.
Therefore, Uga is good girl.

momo vs lilith full power, who wins?


Lore lilith


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it depends

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That's his charm point.

The thumbnail looks like she's holding a baby

>Have not in fact purchased volume 5

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Solid Shamiko

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>draw a common cardboard box
>don't add anything special
>call it daddy
What the heck

>draw the daddy
>add a forked tail hanging out on the bottom
>call it a shamiko sneaking around like a video game character
It gets lazier and lazier.

the shota body is to attract and prey upon onee-sans

Momo made it based off of Yuuko in canon

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>draw XXX
>do YYY
>call it ZZZ
posting is just a joke.