Magical Girls should be lewded, as often as possible!

Magical Girls should be lewded, as often as possible!

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Madoka is a middle schooler.

Sakura and Nanoha were elementary schoolgirls.
Ilya, Kuro and Miyu are elementary school as well, and they get lewed to the nth degree.

Consider mixing ammonia and bleach and inhaling the fumes, as often as possible!

I agree if you mean doing standard hero stuff, but lewded up. Like instead of grunting while fighting they moan, or like draining their energy through a kiss
>captcha: Gaaak
Just like one of the best villains in a Mahou Shoujo, and especially fitting for Mermay

So is Mami

Why are they wearing that instead of their normal costumes?

nopan mami is a blessing to my eyes. there should be more nopan characters in anime and manga.

At least post good artwork.

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With artwork like that, I won't be able to concentrate on the thread's topic.

i want to rub my dick along her cute, soft tummy

´cause I stopped her mid-tansformation and then used my power to finish it into the clothes I wanted.

They lewd themselves. Was Homura trying to impress Goddess Madoka with this outfit?

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>this is official art


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Are there any lewd moments in that anime? Never watched it. Any lewd magical girl anime?

More gym uniform Madoka, please.

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I wouldn't be able to control myself around this vulnerable middle school girl.

I'm not sure about that. How could you lewd an ugly girl like Sayaka? Just look at her.

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Not really any lewdness in Madoka, no. Prisma Illya is the most scandalous magical girl show I've seen so I guess that.

She's the armpit slut.

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I had a Sayaka abs pic but I can't find it

It's ok, I like them a little bit old

I’ll be saving that.

come on now.

Don't dis Kyouko's girl like that.

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Nah, just look at her. She's a goofy, dumb, uggo. Go ahead and prove me wrong. Post all the "cute" Sayaka pictures you have.

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Sayaka is sexy.

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I couldn't agree more, OP

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>know exactly what this is from one image
God I've seen that too many times.

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Dangerously sexy tummy

Kyoko tummy will be the secret super weapon that defeats Walpurgisnatch in the movie

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That's a middle schooler

Did you want to see more? I have plenty.

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The point of Sailor Moon is to be on the verge of lewded.

Behold: the only canon pantyshot in the entire Madoka franchise.

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Kyoko can't go five minutes without showing off her tummy.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Where is this from?

No clue I'm afraid. Just got it from some prior meguca thread

Madoka wore a skimpy outfit in the OP

What, I thought mami was meant to be like 19

15 if memory serves

Here, here!

magical girls should be babied

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I concur.

I completely memory holed that outfit. It does only appear for a second or two though.

Post that prillya webm.

They should learn to tuck.

Is this what heaven looks like?

I didn't even know that.

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Why is she such a slut?

She's a nice girl. Probably has issues saying no and is easily trusting. She'd make a great fuckbuddy.

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Please don't, madoka and all the other magicas are small children.

That's why they need an adult

Mami looks like she has a dick here