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>he doesn't know

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i thought this was a manga?

The majority of the Japanese male sex aren't actually men in any meaningful sense of the word, so how can they write something they have no knowledge of? It is like expecting incels to write a decent relationship drama.

They certainly are not as effeminate as the sissy boys found in anime

The era of the chad protagonist will come again

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right is too effeminate

All nips care about these days is role reversal.

Jotaro is a chunni highschool kid that got himself in jail because he was scared of the spooky ghost following him

Still more manly than 99% of modern male protagonists
And he wasn't scared of the spooky ghost, he didn't want others to be hurt by it

Define 'manly' now or GTFO and I better not hear some fucking westoid cock sucker definition.

manly means masculine, ie someone who looks like a man
Most anime mc's look like effeminate twink faggots.

God of Anime here. You don't deserve them. You are too sissy. Prove me that you deserve them.

The rest of the world is so trannificied that the nips are men compared to that. Also how come they wrote and write more manly stuff the the west does?

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Straightest to gayest jojos :

Gappy (straight) > Jonathan (straight) > Johnny (bi) > Joseph (bi) > Jolyne (bi) > Josuke (uncertain) > Giorno (uncertain) > Jotaro (gay)

That's right Jotaro is the gayest jojo, the type of gay to use his homosexuality as an excuse to be a misogynist. No his loveless marriage doesn't count.

Your tricks won't work on me faggot
THose are all the same shows
And all of those shows are still faggot shit by the way, having male characters doesn't change that
Anime still has masculine characters ocassionally, but they are usually villains or the rare side character
The mc and main cast are almost always twink faggots

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>Prove me that you deserve them.
How should i prove it to you?

holy shit
are all manimetards really THIS stupid?


cope moetroon

show ass

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Trips confirmed

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I'll give (you) one manime. A manime that you deserve.

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But thats a (temporary?) girl
And probably not as curvacious in her anime because nips are fags who don't appreciate nice asses

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as I said, that's all (you) deserve


agree, let emotions cloud his judgement, but i found the ending lovely, following him realising his sister would take his ideas further

Wait until pic related gets an anime

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>kaiju #8
I haven't heard many good things about this manga

Go home moerats I took your leader's head

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kek, based

Don't worry. The anime will change things and make it better!

It's over...

>kaiju no 8
I am convinced this manga was written by an AI, there is no way in hell a human could make something this fucking bland and generic. Has to have forged from data pulled from some shonen database,

manime is for fags

how so?

That's why it's popular, isn't it?

Netflix killed their entire animation department. We don't know if this is still happening at all.


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Ok troon

you'd rather watch a bunch of buff dudes fighting than cute girls doing cute things? you fucking gay or something?

jojo is FAGnime

Anime as a medium is inherently is for girls.

Cope moetranny
Fights are more satisfying and impressive if the people fighting actually look like fighters. I can't really take a bunch of effeminate twink faggots fighting seriously. It looks lame. Especially since many average people could probably beat these fags up if they don't have access to any powers
>cute girls doing cute things
I don't care for shows which don't have any sort of plot. Also that sounds really faggy in its own way.
Maybe the recent ones but not part 1 - 3

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jojos was shit. im guessing you're 14 considering you think this is some kind of masculine thing to watch. getting excited over a bunch of dramatically buff dudes wrestling around is nothing but gay and cringe. please rope u nigger

Jojo isn't even manine. First Jojo got his girlfriend kissed by his villain and then still forgave his brother like a cuck instead of killing him despite kissing his girl and killing his dad. 2nd Jojo is some British comic relief whose main technique is running away. 3rd Jojo is a teenager gook. 4th Jojo is another teenager gook. From then on they look like literal trannies. Yeah I know trannies gets thrown around lately but they legit look like them.

Gay twinks are actually pretty cool if they're also schizophrenic murderers, like Kiryu Setsuna and Nicolas Le Banner from Kengan

Nah, i'm 21.
>this is some kind of masculine thing to watch
the act of watching it is not masculine, but the characters themselves are.
>getting excited over a bunch of dramatically buff dudes wrestling around is nothing but gay and cringe
Whats cringe is getting excited over twink, pencil necked pretty boy faggots fighting. That shit is lame.
Atleast in jojo the characters fighting look like actual fighters and not effeminate pretty boys. Which is why jojo fights are inherently more impressive than typical anime fights. Because you naturally take the fighters more seriously, since they look strong.
And don't bring up this "gay" nonsense, because liking twink pretty boys is also gay
Jojo part 3 goes a bit overboard by making every character overly buff, which is not necessary.
All i want is male characters to actually look male, and not like girls dressed up as boys. Plus, fighters should be strong looking.

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>3rd Jojo is a teenager gook. 4th Jojo is another teenager gook
And how is that relevant? Most anime protags are teenagers. But jojo characters are still much more masculine, and actually look male, atleast up to part 4. After that they do look like trannies

Japs have zero testosterone. Especially high school kids. That's not manime. Jotaro tilting his hat and getting his long-haired skirt wearing bitch ghost to beat up enemies is not manly. Josuke getting emotional like a bitch over his hair isn't manly. Joseph literally wears a dress and the next part he gets humped by a black man, and his trademark move is to run away like a pussy. That's not manime.

Manime is Whitebeard.
Manime is Vinland Saga.

>Manime is Vinland Saga.
Isn't that the manga with the literal tranny and feminine pacifism

>Especially high school kids. That's not manime.
What does that have to do with fictional works retard? The point is, jojo characters actually look male and strong. Unlike the vast majority of modern male mcs.
Jojo parts 1 - 4 is manlier than the vast majority of anime
>Joseph literally wears a dress and the next part he gets humped by a black man
Those scenes are retarded but they were mostly jokes, not to be taken seriously.
Manime doesn't mean that the characters need to be perfect, retard. Thats just power fantasy which is also cringe.
>Manime is Whitebeard.
>Manime is Vinland Saga.
You clearly have higher standards as to what counts as "manime"
To me, any show that has a protagonist which actually looks like a man and is strong looking is manime.
My standards are low because there are almost no manly looking mcs these days

The anime will BREAK the Industry

Jewflix buy anime license not animate them.

They are killing their shitty cartoons that nobody cares.

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Keep coping, effeminate twinks can be just as faggy

JJBA is shonen

Gochiusa is fucking literal garbage