Be honest. Would any of Rudy's wives fall in love with his true self?

Be honest. Would any of Rudy's wives fall in love with his true self?

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of course not thats the point of the whole thing

That's the point of the story.
When an asian person is reincarnated as a white person their life gets better.
Hard to believe he managed to market this.

retarded question.

it's a thought provoking question that makes self inserters seethe

He tells them who he really is later in the story and they all didn't mind.

>true self
But that is the thing, people actually become the persona they adopt, more or less. So it doesn't really matter how he started.

No. Rudy's old self wouldn't even had attempted to romance them, he'd jackoff to images of them in his room.

Honestly if he lost the weight he wouldn't be that bad looking if you're going by anime

They didn't actually see his past self. Rudy in his current incantation is literally a white knight(mage).

Would they fuck his otaku self? It kinda turns me on thinking about it. Like sasha.

He remains just as disgusting he just hides behind his good looks

>He tells them who he really is later in the story and they all didn't mind.
No he fucking doesn't.
The closest he comes is when he tells Orsted that he's reincarnated and Eris overhears.
She's like "Rudeus is Rudeus right?" and he's like "Yeah", and that's the end of it.

women only care about looks

He didn't mention anything when the Ars-Aisha incident happened then?

yea, women don't mind as long as you are hot

you used to be ugly? why the fuck would they care if you are hot now?

No that's why he died alone. You need to be cute and perfect to find love in these stories.

The whole point is that reincarnation is a chance to change his true self which happens in his final meeting with Hitogami. All his kids wish him farewell and best girl's daughter sees him for who he truly is and recognises him all the same.

He does tell them later speed reader.

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What the fuck does "true self" even mean?
Did you mean past self?

he remains the same creepy otaku throughout

>It kinda turns me on thinking about it

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>is a chance to change his true self
That didn't happen he's still a fucking degenerate.

perception = reality
"muh real self" is nonsense

it's a stupid question, user

Would you reject a perfect partner because they admitted they got plastic surgery?

of course. having a partner is for having kids, do you want your kids to be ugly?

>Pedo Tensei

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Definitely. He did become fatter and stopped doing exercises starting at junior high, because he became a computer-addict. His male siblings do look okay, after all, so he could have ended just as well as them, but he fucked up his own first life with his antisocial behavior and eternal self-pity fest.

Kill yourself frogposter.

My Black Mistress is so cute...

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>true self
they would probably not fall in love with is PAST self, no.

IMO the author plays around with the concept of what a reincarnation actually is. Meaning, if reincarnation could actually happen, when someone is reincarnated, then what they are reborn as is something new. It is not simply a repeat of their previous self. The body of the person of that holds the memories of the old self effects who they are as a person... the reborn body effects the person. The MC has characteristics and reactions similar to his new father and new sister that the original asian version of himself does not. Also, other secondary characters make remarks about how similar the MC is to his new reborn family. All the while, the MC does not seem to recognize these similarities and changes and thinks himself the same person on the inside. And in the story, this fact is actually a handicap/hurdle for the MC, as he still sees himself as the old version of himself.

so, their is no real
>true self
in regards to reincarnation. just old memories.

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Nanahoshi a cute. A CUTE!

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I rabu best girl

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Indeed. After all, the Man-God (untrustworthy though he might be in most cases) does say that the protagonist's soul only looks like his prior incarnation because he (Rudeus) sees himself to be like that.
It's just a matter of self-perception.
In the end, after he dies peacefully in his sleep and sees the Man-God a last time, his soul's shape has taken his Rudeus-form, because that's how he perceives himself to be after the years.

like 90% of Yea Forums welcome newfag

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maybe the LN explains it more but i never really got how being tied naked to a fence and photos taken of really sent him to be so mentally fucked. also how do you even get in that situation.

I think Eris would.

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Lol no

Not that user, but I read the redundancy chapter specifically for that discussion, but unfortunately they didn't go into details. I thought it was the most interesting discussion they could have, but they didn't go through with it properly, I thought it was unfortunate.

I wonder if there are any fan material that covers that particular conversation.

I am definitely a self insert fag, but I thought this would be an interesting though exercise, it really depends on where the character was, although I think its still possible for someone like Sylphiette to like him, though maybe not in his 40 year old self, but if he grown up with her. I am more interested in how he would react, and specifically after he had his growth, how he would react to situation when his love interests founds out, and what their reaction would be to him.

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migger bros...we won


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>twintails Eris

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Would anyone love you when you were at your lowest, user?

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They did. Rudeus' past self =/= Rudeus' true self.

Clarify the question for me: Are you asking if Rudeus would be accepted if he simply showed up as his old self from when he died, or are we talking about him looking the same way as when he died but retaining all the growth he went through in the story where he gradually began objectifying people less and hoping that his life would get better with no effort on his part?

If he retains the emotional growth and somehow just becomes his old self again, then yeah, I think they would try and tell him that he's still him and they don't see him as a different person, even if it's a big adjustment. If not, and he just showed up in the middle of the show after dying, like if he was fully-grown and just plain met teenage Eris or whatever then he would have no idea how to talk to her like a normal person at all and would botch it by getting excited over tsunderloli.

>Hard to believe he managed to market this.
Are you kidding? Nips hate how they look and simp after blue eyed blonde americans. The live for these kind of stories.

All his three wives and his half-sister (and probably his mom too since she's a mind-reader) know or at least suspect that he's an otherworlder, either being around when he admitted to it (Eris), or had a really really close connection and spoke in the language of that otherworlder girl (Sylphiette) or made a parable about a guy from another faraway country who can never ever return home and what he should do about the death of his parents in both homelands (Roxy).
What he did after the Aisha-situation was dealth with was to additionally tell them that he was also a useless piece of shit who fapped to his own niece's secret recordings and thus having betrayed his own little brother's trust, similar to how he felt Aisha betrayed him when she eloped, which is why he flipped out so much when seeing his half-sister fuck his son.

well, I am still interested to see how it would played out.

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Haven't read the ln, but something tells me this series has enough balls say no, they won't.

Well, we know that the author will make that scene play out differently in some way for the light novel version (which might take however some years to get to).
But I'm sure that he'll still include the reveal about his past in detail and how he betrayed the trust of his siblings, since that is the theme of that chapter, after all. It is one of his last karmic sins he carries around.

To be fair, I don’t think any of us would be attracted to girls from a thousand years in the future


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Probably only Roxy.
She is the one who would get with anyone out of loneliness.