Tell me about Megumin, why doesn't she wear the eyepatch anymore?

Tell me about Megumin, why doesn't she wear the eyepatch anymore?

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Perhaps she wondered, why would she need an eyepatch if she has functioning eyes.

growing out of her chuuni phase

If she covered one eye she'd only be able to see Kazuma half as much. Unacceptable.

She calmed down her chuni side I guess.

That's completely unacceptable.

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She needs both eyes open to keep an eye on her future children and unfaithful husband.

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Kazuma and Aqua were bullying her too much

I don't know. As far as artwork, I can't find any examples of her wearing it in the later LNs. No idea if it's mentioned in the books, I wouldn't be able to remember something like that, even after two read throughs.

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She kept walking into things.

danger close

Danger close is a good reason for eye protection.

Casting a ranged attack with no depth perception probably became too unbearable

This is now a Megumin thread

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the thing is she stopped being chunni because it stopped being a delusion.
when she comes to realize that she actually IS one of the most powerful people in the world and the most accomplished crimson demon, she stops trying to ham it up so much.
no need to pretend to be important when you've killed a large number of the most wanted villains in the world.

Kazuma made fun of it when they met and she started to really care about what he thinks. Sort of like how she's growing out her hair.

and now its Kemonomichi

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If Kazuma didn't want his neck broken, maybe he should have been more faithful

If I pull that on, would she die


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Her eye is now covered with cum.

I love that she's canonically strong enough to kick his ass completely. Makes me feel a little better about her trying to date him, I would never trust him alone with a girl who was weaker than him.

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its the same reasons pirates wear them to adapt to quick changes in lighting. One eye can't be blinded by an explosion for example/

This is the only logical explanation.

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>not their dirty panties
Damn they are so dumb.

It would be extremely YAME-YAMEROO

lets see, a crop whip that Kazuma wouldnt actually want at all and is thus definitely just a gift for herself, an eyepatch he specifically said he thought looked silly, and a partially eaten cake that she seems to be actively gripping instead of the plate.
sounds about right. Megumin's is the only one that might count as thoughtful or at least heartfelt. and that's why she's easily best girl

That only works between lit and dark zones, momentary brightness is not an issue, and wouldn't help anyway.

And that's not what you were supposed to reply.

It's mutual attraction though. And he's known by every woman in his circle to be all talk and no action when actually given the opportunity to go for it

>a partially eaten cake that she seems to be actively gripping instead of the plate.
nigger the cake is on the plate on the table, she's holding a hot dog

even if its mutual, shes made it clear she wants to take it slow and hes made it clear he would assault a girl in her sleep if he could get away with it.

I would treasure whatever stupid shit Megumin gave me to be honest

wow did i see that wrong.
although a hot dog is an even worse gift than a partially eaten cake you shoved your fingers into.


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I saw the hotdog first then had to do a double take after reading your post. I thought you were right too.

Why would you shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane?

a stationary target is easier to hit

Megumin wins by being legitimately fun and pleasant to be around.
Yunyun is fine but thats the kind of socially awkward thats never going to go away. The others all seemed like bratty bitches.

And of course, after marrying Megumin, we would immediately file to take custody of Komekko to get her out of that neglectful home.


Keep in mind she killed one of the demon lord's generals. Her stats are so ridiculously high that she could manhandle you and there's almost zero chance that you'll be able to penetrate her defenses.

I laughed

Whichever Crimson Demon girl you pick, this is what plays at your wedding

>getting manhandled by an X-year-old girl who weighs as much as one of my dumbbells
Hah... hnnnggg...

>Yunyun is fine but thats the kind of socially awkward thats never going to go away.
being able to manhandle and lead around a helpless girl like her while mercilessly cumming inside every night sounds like a dream

yeah and after your 10 minutes of sex each night youve got another 23 hours and 50 minutes that you have to spend around a girl with crippling anxiety. trust me, it gets old in about a week.
the 400th time she asks if you actually like her or if youre just using her for sex youll probably just give up and walk away.

He's a big guy

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i always thought because its easier to see straight while drunk if you close one eye

>10 minutes of sex each night
Rookie numbers, if she can ask stupid questions, she's not getting enough loving.

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you mean 30 minutes of forcing her to cum until she passes out and 8 hours of sleeping on top of each other

You may not like it but this is what the true canon ending looks like.

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>10 minutes of sex each night
>There'll be 15 minutes of kissing
>There'll be 15 minutes of teasing
>And 15 minutes of squeezing
>And 15 minutes of blowing my top

Will Arue get more screentime in the coming whatever the hell it is?

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She got tired of bumping into shit

At least you can meme. Who are you?

while i understand that 3d women find a way ruin everything i see no downside to an emotionally dependent cuddlebug wife
if she starts saying stupid shit i'll just pin her down and force my tongue down her throat until she gets that i want to pump her full of children until her body is ruined

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Aqua probably tried to put it in her mouth.

None of you dumbasses get it. She's still wearing it, for easier access.