Let's make a "best anime arcs" image

Let's make a "best anime arcs" image
I started us off

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I haven't watched Twelve Kingdoms but the other two are not even the best arcs in their series.

Kyoto Arc from RuroKen and the Cell Saga from DB.

I think I remember the Tournament Arc from the original beyblade being really fucking good as well.

>Chimera ant

The HAL arc in Neuro but it was made way better in the manga

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>Cell Saga from DB.

>Cell Saga from DB.

i'll take your word for it user (plus i saw it praised often), haven't watched ruroken yet

also, added two more picks that came to my mind


can you elaborate on your pick?

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Osaka,from Gantz.

>Black Rose Saga (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

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Death Note - L arc
One Piece - Alabasta arc
Dragon Ball - Saiyan arc
Ashita no Joe - Rikishi and Mendoza arcs
Fist of the North Star - Raoh arc
Berserk - Golden Age arc

Kaiji - The Bog

Holy based

It is the longest arc in the Neuro Anime but only takes 4 episodes while in Manga it takes 30 chapters, a lot of plot details are explained better and there is more foreshadowing about the evil AI


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Soul society Bleach


sounds like cope

The female titan arc is the best to me.

it arguably had the best tension in the series, so i can understand the pick

Bleach - Soul Society
Naruto - Chunin exams

Also add brave mans road from kaiji

no it's just a bad chart made by a retard who hasn't watched most of them and has no curator abilities

>pisstard having HxH living rent free

Inital D - First Stage
Dragon Ball - Saiyan Saga

Why Bog, wasn't it the longest and most dragged-out of them all?

>King card game=dice rolling
>RPS (becomes better when you know that there are dudes inside the crates where they drop the cards)
>Paper shuffle

Cell saga is the worst garbage in existance

I tried thinking about this. But honestly can't come up with anything

try helping out with the curating then

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>you actually let me in despite the fact kaiji is already on there
Thank you, this made me happy.

not him but switch Chimera Ant to Greed Island

no need to limit ourselves to one arc per anime

atrocious take, i can understand yorkshin but greed?

Mononoke - Nue
You can also replace this with Noppera-Bo if you prefer

>but greed
I really liked it. It's my favorite HxH arc. It was fun.


Mob Psycho 100, Seperate Ways arc

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wtf is twelve kingdoms


Monogatari - Ougi Dark

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I think the bog has the coolest back and forth/"solutions" of all the anime arcs in kaiji, if we included manga I think 17 steps is higher

Baki : Maximum Tournament Arc

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>impel down
>Kumagawa incident arc
>Mobichi arc (Belzeebub, Furuichi x Oga)
>Okinawa trip arc - GTO
>Raoh arc - Hokuto no Ken
>Royal acquisition arc (Mairimashita iruma kun)

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one piece - Wano

>Okinawa trip arc - GTO
holy fucking based

Bleach-Soul society

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Remove the golden wind shit. Jesus christ.

keep coping

York Shin >>> Chimera Ants

Yandere arc - Giri Giri Saegiru Katagir-san

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Arc 3 Re:Zero
Battle for shiganshina SNK
Father Son fight Baki
Golden Age Berserk
70 yoshioka massacre Vagabond
The Perfect suicide Monster


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Skypeia was dog shit kys

are you retard?

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Fate/Stay Night - Heaven's Feel

Either Yoshiwara in Flames or Shogun Assassination Arc for Gintama

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Usually, the only good stuff of One Piece arcs comes in the very end. That's why there are great One Piece moments but few great arcs overall. Look at fucking Wano. It's bloated. Bloated with shit. But there's still great moments like Roger's and roof piece for example. But most of the arc is trash

Shichinintai arc

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Chimera Ant arc is honestly dog shit.

Yorkshin arc
Hunter x hunter 1999

century soup arc

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Lafale arc

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Teresa of the Faint Smile/Marked for Death from Claymore

>impel down OP
>shibuya JJK

Nurarihyon arc

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2/10, apply yourself