What mental illness is this?

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Melting brain in Kome-kome's case.

Kokone is so autistic holy shit

Big stinky glutamate shits

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This little shit is so fucking cute.

Yes she's an alluring beast


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They need to make a 3rd baby

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Do the other two fairies get to have human forms like kome kome?

The fuck is that middle aged voice.

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Tradition would be to have one episode where they get to turn human and hijinks ensue. I wonder why they don't do it every year.

They sure want us to look at Ran's ass.

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So uh, they really start experimenting with these things early do they

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I actualy recall sticking my fingers in my anus when I was merely 5 so Komekome is a bit too early

>22 minute conflict about an instagram pfp
precure is unironically over isnt it

Next they'll be fucking twerking or some shit

This post reeks of /ai/

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I want to stick my finger in Laura's anus desu

Watch TR OP

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I want to fuck Pamu Pamu.

She is pretty erokawaii

Modern stories for a modern show, I liked Kamen Rider OOO using social media to solve cases and that was already back in 2011, HG did the same in that eletric drone MotW episode, it was only a matter of time for Precure to catchup.

I'm actualy from Yea Forums

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He is middled aged. It's anime so you can be 40 while looking like a teen.

>Middle-aged voice
>First reaction when seeing the Cures personally is "Those are the Precure? They're just kids"
People laughed when I mentioned my theory but now it becomes stronger, the generals could be suffering from brainwashing AND deaging, Amari could actually be Yui's grandma, this guy is another oldman deaged.

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>Manatsu will look like that when she grows up

But...wouldn't his voice de-age with his body?

Well, he's an inventor general. Can someone help me remembering all of them?


Bel created the Blood Rings using Gula and Leva remains but never did anything else far as I recall

Greatest love story ever told.

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Greatest mental illness ever diagnosed.

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He shares VA with Yayoi's dead father. Maybe he wasn't dead after all....

>The episode's true villain is autism

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>Likely 15

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Laura is a really lucky girl

Hey user!

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Old enough to count
Too old to mount

Old enough to run
Old enough to fire a gun

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And no reptiles just soft boiled eggs in shirts and ties
Waiting for the flashing green man

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Why is Ran such a gaslighter towards Kokone, what a bitch.

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Don't be a low hanging fruit if you don't want to get gaslit

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Build used a youtuber to gather info.

Don't worry, we think the same about Tsubomi.

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Bro she's fucking with Kokone's head without her realizing. Ran probably says nasty shit about her on social media behind her back too.

t. uses lolcow

Precure is about butts and legs, mostly.

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When you put it in that way joining Bundoru sounds pretty cool.

That guy likes drawing Cures addicted to drugs too much

>Bundoru Bundoru!

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