Happy Birthday, Kyouko. Tell her what you like most about her

Happy Birthday, Kyouko. Tell her what you like most about her.

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She's a nice girl who sleeps in hotels and bathes every night.

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I can't believe nobody showed up to Kyouko's birthday.

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What are you talking about? The tumbleweeds are here! See?

She's attractive, photogenic, hot, good looking, takes pride in her appearance.
I guess what I'm trying to say is I appreciate her commitment to community service.

She's a very emotionally strong character

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She was the cutest one.

Truly the Michael Essien of Megucas

Making Kyouko a mother on Mother's Day!

She's a good christian.
Break a leg, Kyouko-chan!

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Kyouko is a girl who gets what she wants.

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Best girl. Best meguca
Why does her VA sound off in magia reco?

>May 9
>Kyoko's "birthday"
It's not canon but some lies made up by someone. The only Megucas with canon birthdays are Madoka and Iroha.

kyute and cool

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I like the color red and so I like Kyoko.

Despite being the strongest meguca she can't swim, adding even more moe points

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>she can't swim
I can teach her

Those two doujins where she's an adult are really hot

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She is a cunt just like her gf

Her fat ass.

She's cool, and I love her dynamic with Sayaka.

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Her smile.

Best girl

She's a brave girl who unironically considered suicide

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she doesn't waste food, I guess

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She's at least better than that blue haired retard.

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Happy birthday my darling

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Her big dick.
No other Meguca can even come close to how big Kyouko's dick is.

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Her um... that's so big she has to use a long stocking instead of a sock to cover up. Also, tomboy.

She wears my favorite clothing item.

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Classic kyouko

fun kid

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he's so lucky

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